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KJ290/58 .007 (DW). Death of a shote (shoat?); illustration Deluermoz, H. 73 Jun 1999
KJ187/03 .007 (DW). Happy giant’s song C 189/16 Editorial + C3 40 Sep 1973
KJ005/10 .007 (DW). How should the title be pronounced? R 007/20 C1 + R ii Apr 1928
KJ007/20 .007 (DW). Locomotive song and Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 C2 ii Oct 1928
KJ390/02 ‘Kipling in the News’ Conference Report Sarah Lonsdale and Dominic Davies May 2022
KJ390/06 ‘Run and find out’ : Rudyard Kipling as a junior reporter Jan Momtefiore May 2022
KJ321/34 ‘. . . And It Tickled Like Cake-Crumbs In Bed’ Haythornthwaite, Dr Richard 81 Mar 2007
KJ392/09 ‘A Biography’ from Trix Hamer, Mary 96 Sep 2022
KJ392/22 ‘A St Helena’s Lullaby’ Richards, David 96 Sep 2022
KJ330/08 ‘Across Our Fathers’ Graves’: Kipling And Field Marshall Earl Roberts Atwood, Rodney 83 Mar 2009
KJ398/42 ‘Cupid’s Arrows’ and the Fair Toxophilites Connell, Tim 98 May 2024
KJ396/55 ‘Mary Postgate’ and the People’s War Simmers, George 97 Sep 2023
KJ392/21 ‘R. K. 1865–1936’ Karlin, Daniel 96 Sep 2022
KJ394/06 ‘Sleeping back into Terrified Childhood’: Rudyard Kipling and Trauma Harry Ricketts 97 Mar 2023
KJ393/42 ‘Snaffles’ and Kipling Wilson, Alastair 96 Dec 2022
KJ394/56 ‘The Amber Toad’: Stephen Wheeler’s Review of Departmental Ditties Richard Maidment 97 Mar 2023
KJ392/38 ‘The Churel! The Churel’ Who is Haunting Kim? Louttit, Erin 96 Sep 2022
KJ396/43 ‘The Mutiny of the Mavericks’: Ireland and India Scragg, Andrew 97 Sep 2023
KJ397/32 ‘The Prayer that the Cavemen Prayed’: Kipling’s Hostess Present Richards, David Alan 98 Jan 2024
KJ358/34 “A Recantation” Lee, John 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/36 “A Song of Seven Cities” Page, Bruce 88 Sep 2014
KJ343/34 “An Active Acting Sub-Lieutenant” Bilham, Chris 85 Sep 2011
KJ369/57 “An Intoxicating Spark”, Kipling, Jensen, and Vitalist Modernism Brogger, Inger K 91 Jul 2017
KJ358/08 “Arithmetic on the Frontier” Hamer, Mary 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/10 “Bridge Guard in the Karroo” Raine, Craig 88 Sep 2014
KJ370/62 “Dayspring Mishandled” conundrum: letter to the Editor Cowan, Alan 101 Sep 2017
KJ370/63 “Dayspring Mishandled”: letter to the Editor Brogan, Hugh 102 Sep 2017
KJ358/16 “Divided Destinies” Nagai, Kaori 88 Sep 2014
KJ343/67 “Do you like Kipling?” by Donald McGill Editor 85 Sep 2011
KJ358/19 “Eddi’s Service” Ricketts, Harry 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/21 “Epitaphs of the War” Minogue, Sally 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/23 “Harp Song of the Dane Women” Bubb, Alex 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/27 “If—” Auden, W H 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/29 “Mesopotamia” Cockburn, Patrick 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/62 “Mummy” Whitehorn, Katharine 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/31 “Normans and Saxons” Hitchens, Peter 88 Sep 2014
KJ328/63 “Scumfish” C1 Holberton, Philip 82 Sep 2008
KJ358/13 “The Craftsman” and “The Coiner” Karlin, Daniel 88 Sep 2014
KJ358/25 “The Hyaenas” Bailey, R V 88 Sep 2014
KJ363/66 “The Mary Gloster” (letter to the Editor) Wilson, Alastair 90 Mar 2016
KJ358/39 “The Way through the Woods” Brogan, Hugh 88 Sep 2014
KJ326/40 “ “Tin Fish” ”: Two Texts, Two Readings Karlin, Danny 82 Apr 2008
KJ326/56 “ain’t goin’ to have any beastly Erickin’ ”: The Problem of Male Friendship in Stalky & Co. Oulton, Carolyn 82 Apr 2008
KJ328/34 “Mourning and Rejoicing at Old St Paul’s” Kipling, Rudyard; ed. Pinney, Thomas 82 Sep 2008
KJ327/22 “Naulakha” In Vermont Pinney, Prof Thomas 82 Jun 2008
KJ327/23 “References”, “Cross-References”, and Notions of History (PoPH, R&W) Lewis, Lisa A.F. 82 Jun 2008
KJ394/31 ‘To the small one’: Kipling’s letters to Howard Phillips John Walker 97 Mar 2023
KJ363/39 “Below the Mill Dam”: black and brown rats Lingley, Janice 90 Mar 2016
KJ375/53 1. Drink at the Railway Theatre Kipling, Rudyard 92 Sep 2018
KJ297/58 1600-1947 Anglo-Indian legacy…, by George Gabb Notices & News 75 Mar 2001
KJ375/55 2. Ouida’s Princess Napraxine Kipling, Rudyard 92 Sep 2018
KJ378/61 2018 Accounts Wilson, Alastair 93 Jun 2019
KJ378/49 2018 Annual General Meeting Minutes Kipling, Rudyard 93 Jun 2019
KJ355/75 24/7 in the USA: Kipling and .007 as ‘Engines that Could’ Plotz, Judith 88 Jul 2014
KJ375/55 3. Tommy Atkins and Flies Kipling, Rudyard 92 Sep 2018
KJ068/15 300,000 sea miles, by Admiral Sir Henry Pelly [: Kipling & ‘Pelorus’] Kiplingiana 10 Dec 1943
KJ375/57 4. The Simla Natural History Society Kipling, Rudyard 92 Sep 2018
KJ020/101 500 points of good husbandry, by Thomas Tusser. Tregaskis. £5 5s [Review] v Dec 1931
KJ336/06 A 2010 Study Day at the University of Bristol (The Absent-Minded Beggar) Editorial 84 Apr 2010
KJ274/24 A cappella; recital by Peter Horridge and Ann Surtees Mattinson, Brian (review) 69 Jun 1995
KJ357/59 A case for ‘William the Conqueror’ Paffard. Mark 88 Sep 2014
KJ318/06 A Change of Printer Editor 80 Jun 2006
KJ358/08 A choice of Kipling’s poetry, with commentary various 88 Sep 2014
KJ349/23 A Collection of Photographs (review) Kipling, Rudyard 87 Mar 2013
KJ311/65 A Kipling Anecdote C 78 Sep 2004
KJ321/07 A Kipling Conference – 2007 Walker, John 81 Mar 2007
KJ333/06 A Kipling Quotation? Editorial 83 Sep 2009
KJ354/22 A Kipling sundial motto Valentine, Mark 88 Jun 2014
KJ334/63 A Map for Kim? C1 Wyatt, John 83 Dec 2009
KJ321/33 A Memorial Plaque For The Woolsack, S. Africa Editor 81 Mar 2007
KJ357/20 A new home for the Library Walker, John 88 Sep 2014
KJ378/22 A new Kipling letter Kipling, Rudyard 93 Jun 2019
KJ338/07 A New Kipling Letter: News from Lahore Pinney, Thomas 84 Sep 2010
KJ359/12 A poet’s diction: hard words in Kipling’s poems Pinney, Thonas 89 Mar 2015
KJ349/06 A Potential Resource (Delphi Classics) Editorial 87 Mar 2013
KJ269/28 A Rudyard Kipling: a (French) poetic tribute (with translation) De Noailles, Countess 68 Mar 1994
KJ329/10 A SAHIB’S WAR: Attacking the Boers in the style of Kipling Sahib Damstra, K. St John 82 Dec 2008
KJ355/14 A stranger of an unloved race: the American chapter of Something of Myself Karlin, Daniel 88 Jul 2014
KJ381/55 A Study of the Congress Kipling, Rudyard, Ed. Maidment, Richard 94 Mar 2020
KJ325/49 A Supplementary Issue of the Journal Editorial 82 Mar 2008
KJ324/57 A Survey of Members Views Radcliffe, John 81 Dec 2007
KJ338/65 A VILLAGE RIFLE CLUB Kipling, Rudyard 84 Sep 2010
KJ328/64 Abaft the Funnel and ‘Captains Courageous’ C1 325/50 Coles, G.V. 82 Sep 2008
KJ319/62 Abandoned Ayahs C1 Pain, Ailsa 80 Sep 2006
KJ270/58 Abdulla Bulbul Ameer; song. Original text French, Percy 68 Jun 1994
KJ351/67 About the Kipling Society The Editor 87 Sep 2013
KJ352/64 About the Kipling Society The Editor 87 Dec 2013
KJ353/64 About the Kipling Society The Editor 88 Mar 2014
KJ354/64 About the Kipling Society John Lambert 88 Jun 2014
KJ395/64 About the Kipling Society 97 Jun 2023
KJ396/72 About the Kipling Society 97 Sep 2023
KJ397/68 About the Kipling Society 98 Jan 2024
KJ398/64 About the Kipling Society 98 May 2024
KJ331/03 About the Monograph on Maitland Park Editorial 83 Apr 2009
KJ311/60 Abreast of the Age: Arbeit Und Technologie Im Werk Rudyard Kiplings, by Dr Stefan Welz, Editor (Acknowledgement) 78 Sep 2004
KJ051/FP ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR (v). Cook’s son, duke’s son. Photograph xiii Oct 1939
KJ111/01 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR (v). Encore verses + 102/02 Short, Ernest (Notes) 21 Oct 1954
KJ253/44 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR (v). K. & Chelsea National Army Museum Rice, Elizabeth + illus 64 Mar 1990
KJ016/123 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR (v). Mafeking siege edition requested C1 iv Dec 1930
KJ267/45 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR (v). Notices of two fine copies for sale C3 + illus 67 Sep 1993
KJ122/03 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR (v). Phrase juste Bazley, Basil M. (Notes) 24 Jul 1957
KJ291/10 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR (v). Punch prints 2 ‘amended stanzas’ (1899) Editorial 73 Sep 1999
KJ262/39 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR (v). We do not want his kiddies… C2 66 Jun 1992
KJ341/05 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR, Following Rudyard Kipling’s THE Lee, John 85 Apr 2011
KJ341/04 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR, THE Rudyard Kipling 85 Apr 2011
KJ341/43 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR, THE An Imperial Media Event Potter, Simon J. 85 Apr 2011
KJ341/56 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR, THE Kipling and Tommy Atkins in the South African War Spiers, Edward M. 85 Apr 2011
KJ341/28 ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR, THE Kipling’s Bully Pulpit: . . Victorian Music Hall Bailey, Peter 85 Apr 2011
KJ341/03 ABSENT-MINDED DEGGAR The University of Bristol Study Day 2010 Editorial 85 Apr 2011
KJ026/40 Académie des Sciences & Politiques: K. appointed Foreign Assoc. Member News & Notes vii Jun 1933
KJ112/15 Academy [journal]: more [Kipling] extracts 1897-8 + 113/16 [Further items: 120/17] 21 Dec 1954
KJ274/39 ACROSS A CONTINENT (LOT). “One such man” in India query C 69 Jun 1995
KJ333/66 Across our Fathers’ Graves C1 330/13 Thornton, Terry 83 Sep 2009
KJ183/16 Across the border or Pathan and Biloch, by E.E. Oliver (1890) Kipling, Lockwood (illus) 39 Sep 1972
KJ106/02 Across the Seven Seas: Rudyard Kipling…great American poet & novelist… Short, Ernest (Notes) 20 Jul 1953
KJ147/03 Acting. Kipling as an amateur actor Editorial 30 Sep 1963
KJ336/45 Actions and Reactions: A Fragmented Composition (A&R) Raimbault, Élodie 84 Apr 2010
KJ336/08 Actions and Reactions: Kipling’s Edwardian Summer (A&R) Karlin, Daniel 84 Apr 2010
KJ318/10 Address by the Archbishop of Canterbury Williams, Dr Rowan 80 Jun 2006
KJ022/39 Adventures of Dunsterforce, by Maj-General Dunsterville. Arnold. 3/6 News & Notes vi Jun 1932
KJ233/09 Advertisements exchange with Army Quarterly & Defence Journal Editorial 59 Mar 1985
KJ300/11 Afghanistan. Taleban and the Great Game: reflections on K. & Afghanistan Lycett, Andrew 75 Dec 2001
KJ026/37 African Society dinner, 1933. Kipling’s toast to the President News & Notes vii Jun 1933
KJ372/39 After Crom Part II, 1919-1966 Nowsher, Lorraine 92 Mar 2018
KJ371/09 After Crom, The Kiplings and the Price family Bowsher, Lorraine 91 Dec 2017
KJ391/51 AGM 2021 Minutes 96 Jun 2022
KJ344/68 Al-Jiwan and Z. 54. R.A. C2 Tarin, Omer 85 Dec 2011
KJ271/58 Albatross. ‘ …for I have seen the albatross’ verse query R 274/62 C2 + R 68 Sep 1994
KJ152/04 Albatross. Bird’s ‘red’ eye view Editorial 31 Dec 1964
KJ102/17 Albatross. Is the bird’s eye red? R 103/16 105/16 108/16 C1 + R 19 Jul 1952
KJ185/02 Aldin. Cecil Aldin, illustrator of many Kipling stories Editorial 40 Mar 1973
KJ232/48 Alec McCowen as Rudyard Kipling; theatre review+ photograph + C240/63 Kyle, Michael 58 Dec 1984
KJ214/13 Alexander. Stanley Walter Alexander, KS Council member. Obituary Editorial 47 Jun 1980
KJ334/06 Alice and Elsie (see 327/07, “To Proteus. On reading his Love Sonnets”) Editorial 83 Dec 2009
KJ127/17 All in a garden fair: Kipling and Walter Besant’s book Purefoy, A.E. Bagwell 25 Sep 1958
KJ027/77 All the Mowgli Stories, by R.K. Macmillan. 6/- + 026/36 (News & Notes) [Review] vii Sep 1933
KJ036/109 All the Puck Stories, by R.K. Macmillan, 10/6. [POPH & R&F in one vol] [Review] + 035/83 ix Dec 1935
KJ029/FP&03 Allahabad. Bungalow where the ‘Pioneer’ was first printed in 1865 Photograph viii Mar 1934
KJ011/30 Allahabad. Footsteps of Kipling [: ‘T.P.’s Weekly’ article excerpt, 8/1929] Makin, W.J. iii Oct 1929
KJ001/30ff Allahabad. Kipling’s office furniture at the ‘Pioneer’ Photograph i Mar 1927
KJ006/09ff&04 Allahabad. Publishing office of the ‘Pioneer’. Photograph [Caption wrong: 007/03] ii Jul 1928
KJ139/07 Allahabad. University Kipling plaque. Background + illustrations Purefoy, A.E. Bagwell 28 Sep 1961
KJ269/27 ALMANAC OF TWELVE SPORTS (v). Kipling’s October golf stanza Nicholson, Wm (illus) 68 Mar 1994
KJ197/17 ALMANAC OF TWELVE SPORTS (v). Textual and collaboration queries C + R 199/14 43 Mar 1976
KJ012/02 American cats, by Gabriel Engel. Pamphlet News & Notes iv Jan 1930
KJ222/26 American Notes. Resumé of the confused bibliographical background Lyman, Philip 49 Jun 1982
KJ295/06&08 AMERICAN NOTES. Revised taxonomy. ‘Punch’ cartoon 6 March 1869 [with explanatory note] 74 Sep 2000
KJ222/20 American Notes. Rudyard Kipling’s West, edited by A.M. Gibson + illus Pinney, Thomas (review) 49 Jun 1982
KJ173/05 Ames, Charles Lesley. Ex Vice-President, USA branch. Obituary Harbord, Reg 37 Mar 1970
KJ067/20 Amphibious. Kipling’s Marine a ‘giddy harumfrodite – sailor & soldier too’ Kiplingiana 10 Oct 1943
KJ035/99 Ampthill, Rt. Hon Lord. Kipling enthusiast. Obituary [Brief reference] ix Sep 1935
KJ388/59 An 1888 review of Departmental Ditties by W.W.Hunter Holberton, Philip Dec 2021
KJ345/60 An Active Acting Sub-Lieutenant C1 KJ343 Wilson, Cdr A.J.W. 87 Mar 2012
KJ388/18 An Afterword to Choudhuri’s essay on Kim Trivedi, Harish Dec 2021
KJ338/25 An Audio Book – My Grandad and Afghanistan. Editorial 84 Sep 2010
KJ358/42 An early Kipling poem Gardner, Chris 88 Sep 2014
KJ335/61 An Editor’s Apology – Ruskin not Carlyle (see KJ334, p.61) Editorial 84 Mar 2010
KJ336/07 An Habitation Enforced Tusser, Thomas 84 Apr 2010
KJ371/24 An illustrated family letter, by Edward and Georgie Burne-Jones to Mike Lacey Burne-Jones, Edward and Georgie 91 Dec 2017
KJ384/10 An Important Discovery Kipling, Rudyard, Ed. Radcliffe, John 94 Dec 2020
KJ004/19 ANCHOR SONG (SSv). Nautical terms? + C1 006/03&07 007/19 008/27 [Essay] + C 005/06&26&28 ii Jan 1928
KJ012/05 ANCHOR SONG (SSv). Text change & terminology problems +C2 013/25 News & Notes + C 014/54 iv Jan 1930
KJ116/02 And a little child shall lead them: Kipling letter addressed to ‘Dear Henry’ Short, Ernest (Notes) 22 Dec 1955
KJ302/48 And something more: an ‘encounter’ with Kipling Alexander, Bill 76 Jun 2002
KJ065/19 Anderson, Miss Sara Dunlop. One-time Kipling secretary. Obituary Kiplingiana 10 Apr 1943
KJ360/62 Andrew Huxley on Kim – letter Mills, Helen 89 Jun 2015
KJ015/79 Androgynous fiction [: ‘Men, women & thrillers’ article in ‘Yale Quarterly’] [Gerould, Katherine F.] iv Oct 1930
KJ299/59 Anglo-American-Polish Association (AAPA). Brief notes News and notices 75 Sep 2001
KJ227/51 Anglo-Indische short story, by Gerhard Stilz [in German] Editor 57 Sep 1983
KJ023/71 Animal Stories, by Rudyard Kipling. Macmillan. 6/- [Review] vi Sep 1932
KJ154/21 Animals. Rudyard Kipling and animals Punch, A.M. 32 Jun 1965
KJ293/69 Annan, Lord. Vice-president. Obituary Editorial 74 Mar 2000
KJ341/67 Année Kipling – 2011: Vernet-Les-Bains 85 Apr 2011
KJ004/06 Annual conference 1927. Summary ii Jan 1928
KJ008/06 Annual conference 1928. Summary iii Jan 1929
KJ010/06 Annual conference 1929. Summary iii Jul 1929
KJ014/37&45 Annual conference 1930. Summary, with ‘donor’ & ‘life’ member details iv Jul 1930
KJ018/36 Annual conference 1931. Summary v Jun 1931
KJ022/39&48 Annual conference 1932. Extended summary vi Jun 1932
KJ026/55 Annual conference 1933. Extended summary vii Jun 1933
KJ030/53 Annual conference 1934. Extended summary viii Jun 1934
KJ034/52 Annual conference 1935. Extended summary ix Jun 1935
KJ038/59 Annual conference 1936. Summary x Jun 1936
KJ042/59 Annual conference 1937. Extended summary xi Jun 1937
KJ046/50 Annual conference 1938. Summary xii Jul 1938
KJ050/76 Annual conference 1939. Brief summary xiii Jul 1939
KJ058/19 Annual conference 1941. Summary 8 Jul 1941
KJ063/11 Annual conference 1942. Brief summary 9 Oct 1942
KJ067/06 Annual conference 1943. Brief summary 10 Oct 1943
KJ070/17 Annual conference 1944. Brief summary 11 Jul 1944
KJ074/02 Annual conference 1945. Brief summary 12 Jul 1945
KJ079/17 Annual conference 1946. Summary 13 Oct 1946
KJ083/10 Annual conference 1947. Brief summary 14 Oct 1947
KJ087/08&03 Annual conference 1948. Summary + Photograph 087/04 15 Oct 1948
KJ398/53 Annual General Meeting 2023 98 May 2024
KJ002/07 Annual luncheon 1927, with main toast by Sir Harry Brittain [with texts of replies] i Jul 1927
KJ006/05 Annual luncheon 1928, with main toast by Lord Birkenhead [with brief texts of replies] ii Jul 1928
KJ010/07 Annual luncheon 1929, with main toast by Capt. W. Vansittart Howard [with texts of replies] iii Jul 1929
KJ011/FP Annual luncheon 1929. Photograph iii Oct 1929
KJ014/47 Annual luncheon 1930, with main toast by the Rt. Hon. Lord Lloyd [with texts of replies] iv Jul 1930
KJ018/37 Annual luncheon 1931, with address by Lord Chelmsford v Jun 1931
KJ022/41 Annual luncheon 1932, with the French Ambassador as Chief Guest [Texts of toasts] vi Jun 1932
KJ023/FP Annual luncheon 1932. Photograph News & Notes vi Sep 1932
KJ026/58 Annual luncheon 1933, with address by the Rt. Hon. L.S. Amery [Text, with toasts] vii Jun 1933
KJ030/56 Annual luncheon 1934, with address by Lord Ampthill + 030/41 (N&N) [Text, with toasts] viii Jun 1934
KJ031/FP&69 Annual luncheon 1934. Landscape format photograph of guests, with names viii Sep 1934
KJ034/55 Annual luncheon 1935, with address by Lord Rennell [Text, with toasts] ix Jun 1935
KJ038/61 Annual luncheon 1936, with address by Maj-General L.C. Dunsterville [Text, with toasts] x Jun 1936
KJ042/62 Annual luncheon 1937, with address by Sir Edward Grigg [Text, with toasts] xi Jun 1937
KJ046/51 Annual luncheon 1938, with address by Viscount Goschen [Text, with toasts] xii Jul 1938
KJ050/64 Annual luncheon 1939, with address by Alfred Noyes [Text, with toasts] xiii Jul 1939
KJ051/08 Annual luncheon 1939. Photograph of President, RK’s sister & cousin xiii Oct 1939
KJ092/01 Annual luncheon 1949, with address by Sir Malcolm Sargent + 092/07 Collins, J.P. (Notes:report) 16 Dec 1949
KJ096/01 Annual luncheon 1950, with address by The Dean of St. Paul’s C 097/17 [Summary of address] + C 17 Dec 1950
KJ100/13 Annual luncheon 1951, with address by Collin Brooks + 100/01 (Notes) [Summary of address] 18 Dec 1951
KJ104/05 Annual luncheon 1952, with address by Somerset Maugham [Text] 19 Dec 1952
KJ108/12 Annual luncheon 1953, with address by Sir Archie Michaelis [Summary of address] 20 Dec 1953
KJ112/16 Annual luncheon 1954, with address by Noel Annan [Event report only] 21 Dec 1954
KJ116/03 Annual luncheon 1955, with address by Eric Linklater + Report 116/15 [Summary of address] 22 Dec 1955
KJ120/15 Annual luncheon 1956, with address by Lord Rowallan [Brief report] 23 Dec 1956
KJ125/14 Annual luncheon 1957, with address by The Earl of Scarbrough [Report] 25 Mar 1958
KJ129/09 Annual luncheon 1958, with address by T.S. Eliot + Editorial 130/03 [Text] 26 Mar 1959
KJ133/09 Annual luncheon 1959, with address by A.L. Rowse [Text] 27 Mar 1960
KJ137/19 Annual luncheon 1960, with address by Lord Birkett [Text] 28 Mar 1961
KJ141/08 Annual luncheon 1961, with address by Charles Carrington [Text] 29 Mar 1962
KJ145/05 Annual luncheon 1962, with address by Eric Linklater [Text] 30 Mar 1963
KJ149/07 Annual luncheon 1963, with address by Bonamy Dobrée [Text] 31 Mar 1964
KJ153/07 Annual luncheon 1964, with address by J.I.M. Stewart [Text] 32 Mar 1965
KJ156/65 Annual luncheon 1965, with address by Nevill Coghill [Text] 32 Dec 1965
KJ161/06 Annual luncheon 1966, with address by Viscount Radcliffe [Text] 34 Mar 1967
KJ165/08 Annual luncheon 1967, with address by Earl Baldwin of Bewdley [Text] 35 Mar 1968
KJ169/06 Annual luncheon 1968, with address by Miss J.M.S. Tompkins [Text] 36 Mar 1969
KJ173/06 Annual luncheon 1969, including the address by Roger Lancelyn Green 37 Mar 1970
KJ177/05 Annual luncheon 1970, including the address by Viscount Cobham 38 Mar 1971
KJ180/04 Annual luncheon 1971, including the address by Earl Baldwin of Bewdley 38 Dec 1971
KJ185/02 Annual luncheon 1972, with an address by Lord Ballantrae Editorial 40 Mar 1973
KJ186/01 Annual luncheon 1973, with an address by John Gross [Not reported] 40 Jun 1973
KJ189/01 Annual luncheon 1974. Not held 41 Mar 1974
KJ197/06 Annual luncheon 1975, including the address by Charles Carrington [Report] See also: C199/15 43 Mar 1976
KJ201/04 Annual luncheon 1976, including the address by Roger Lancelyn Green [See also: Worst slip] 44 Mar 1977
KJ205/10 Annual luncheon 1977, including the address by Kingsley Amis + C 206/16 45 Mar 1978
KJ210/17 Annual luncheon 1978, with a recital by Peter Bellamy McGivering, J.H. (report) 46 Jun 1979
KJ213/26 Annual luncheon 1979, including the address by Lady Birkenhead 47 Mar 1980
KJ217/32 Annual luncheon 1980, including the address (excerpts) by Mrs Sutherland 48 Mar 1981
KJ221/30 Annual luncheon 1981, including the address by Lord Ferrier + illus 49 Mar 1982
KJ221/47 Annual luncheon 1982. Not held 49 Mar 1982
KJ227/36 Annual luncheon 1983, including the address by Sir Angus Wilson [ + illus p42: Madras] 57 Sep 1983
KJ231/08 Annual luncheon 1984, including the address by Sir Jack Boles [Introd: Sir Angus Wilson] 58 Sep 1984
KJ234/10 Annual luncheon 1985, including the address by Professor Pinney 59 Jun 1985
KJ238/40 Annual luncheon 1986, including the address by Lord Annan 60 Jun 1986
KJ242/30 Annual luncheon 1987, including the address by Dr Michael Brock 61 Jun 1987
KJ246/10 Annual luncheon 1988, including the address by Philip Mason (+photo p06) 62 Jun 1988
KJ250/17 Annual luncheon 1989, including the address by Hugh Brogan 63 Jun 1989
KJ254/12 Annual luncheon 1990, including the address by Sir Derek Oulton C255/34 C: Cartoon 255/35 64 Jun 1990
KJ258/11 Annual luncheon 1991, including the address by Andrew Rutherford 65 Jun 1991
KJ262/11 Annual luncheon 1992, including the address by Christopher Morris (+illus) 66 Jun 1992
KJ266/30 Annual luncheon 1993, including the address by Professor John Bayley 67 Jun 1993
KJ270/12 Annual luncheon 1994, including the address by Professor Pierre Coustillas 68 Jun 1994
KJ275/11 Annual luncheon 1995, including the address by Philip Howard 69 Sep 1995
KJ279/10 Annual luncheon 1996, including the address by Terry Waite 70 Sep 1996
KJ283/18 Annual luncheon 1997, including the address by Sir John Chapple 71 Sep 1997
KJ287/12 Annual luncheon 1998, including the address by Sir George Engle Full report, with texts 72 Sep 1998
KJ291/12 Annual luncheon 1999, including the address by David Alan Richards Full report, with texts 73 Sep 1999
KJ295/14 Annual luncheon 2000, including the address by Austin Asche 74 Sep 2000
KJ299/28 Annual luncheon 2001, including the address by Adam Nicolson With various introductions 75 Sep 2001
KJ303/46 Annual luncheon 2002, including the address by Dr Richard Chartres With various introductions 76 Sep 2002
KJ307/29 Annual luncheon 2003, including the address by Sir Nicholas Barrington, K.C.M.G., C.V.O. With various introductions 77 Sep 2003
KJ351/04 Annual Luncheon 2013. including the Address by Major General Sir Sebastian Roberts Introductions and thanks 87 Sep 2013
KJ365/09 Annual Luncheon 2016 The Editor 90 Sep 2016
KJ315/40 Annual Luncheon, 2004, including the Address by John Raisman, C.B.E. With various introductions 79 Sep 2005
KJ311/23 Annual Luncheon, 2004, including the Address by Sir Christopher Bland With various introductions 78 Sep 2004
KJ319/24 Annual Luncheon, 2006 80 Sep 2006
KJ323/59 Annual Luncheon, 2007 81 Sep 2007
KJ328/19 Annual Luncheon, 2008, including the Address by Rear-Admiral Guy F. Liardet With various introductions 82 Sep 2008
KJ333/17 Annual Luncheon, 2009, including the Address by Prof Richard Holmes, C.B.E., T.D., J.P. With various introductions 83 Sep 2009
KJ338/12 Annual Luncheon, 2010, including the Address by Lady Juliet Townsend. With various introductions 84 Sep 2010
KJ343/08 Annual Luncheon, 2011, including the Address by The Rt. Hon. Lord Cope of Berkely. With various introductions 85 Sep 2011
KJ347/05 Annual Luncheon, 2012, including the Address by Mr David Marler. With various introductions 86 Sep 2012
KJ042/67 Annual luncheon. Problem of seating members satisfactorily & Golden Rule! Secretary's corner xi Jun 1937
KJ096/15 ANSWER (v). Kipling’s ‘origins’ Correction: 097/17 C + Correction 17 Dec 1950
KJ233/49 Antarctic. Kipling and the Antarctic C 59 Mar 1985
KJ092/17 Apostolic succession. Kipling and Lt.-General Tucker in Biarritz C 16 Dec 1949
KJ078/10 Appreciation of Kipling…from an American standpoint Price, Frank Julian 13 Jul 1946
KJ216/11 Approach to Kipling: ‘…throwing light on the origin of an interest in K…’ Shamsul Islam 47 Dec 1980
KJ288/75 Archaisms. What does Kipling achieve using deliberate archaisms? C + R 289/38 72 Dec 1998
KJ248/44 ARCHITECT’S ALPHABET (v), with full text C 62 Dec 1988
KJ014/41 Argentina. Open letter from Argentinian member to ‘Clarence & Doris’ Willie' iv Jul 1930
KJ181/17 Armorist. Kipling as armorist Scott-Giles, C.W. 39 Mar 1972
KJ133/04 ARMY OF A DREAM (T&D). ‘Song of the old guard’ preface – parody? Editorial 27 Mar 1960
KJ085/19 ARMY OF A DREAM (T&D). Sanna’s Post and other names query C + R 086/16&17 15 Apr 1948
KJ157/22 ARMY OF A DREAM (T&D). Some thoughts McGivering, J.H. 33 Mar 1966
KJ180/18 Army. Army view of Kipling + Editorial 176/02 Corrie, J. 38 Dec 1971
KJ054/23 Army. Kipling and the British army. Part 1 Hughesdon, Major R.H. 7 Jul 1940
KJ055/08 Army. Kipling and the British army. Part 2 Hughesdon, Major R.H. 7 Oct 1940
KJ154/11 ARREST OF LIEUTENANT GOLIGHTLY (PTFTH). Golighty’s mistake Gilbert, Elliot L. 32 Jun 1965
KJ133/16&02 Art of Rudyard Kipling, by J.M.S. Tomkins. Methuen, 1959. 25/- Maitland, W.G.B. (review) 27 Mar 1960
KJ345/07 Arthur Ransume’s The Picts and the Martyrs: Translating Kipling’s “Regulus” Linglay, Janice M. 87 Mar 2012
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KJ005/01ff Bust. Biscuit ceramic ware bust by Carlo Norway [ + 005/05 News & Notes] ii Apr 1928
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KJ269/08 Cartoon (RK): I think Rudyard’s feeling a bit “iffy” today Finch, Frank 68 Mar 1994
KJ213/12 Cartoon (RK): Nobel prize winner, 1907 [Glasgow Weekly Herald] 47 Mar 1980
KJ214/19 Cartoon (RK): Such a tongue…in the Westminster Gazette, 21 May 1914 47 Jun 1980
KJ265/08 Cartoon. A cigar is only a cigar, but a good woman is a smoke (Spectator) Newman, Nick 67 Mar 1993
KJ071/02 Cartoon. Hitler consults his magician, musing ‘East is east & west is west’ [Glasgow Herald] 11 Oct 1944
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KJ165/19 Centenary. Cuttings: Kipling scrap book 2; discuss. meeting (Mrs. Purefoy) Text + C3 167/22 35 Mar 1968
KJ166/23 Centenary. Cuttings: Kipling scrap book 3; discuss. meeting (Mrs. Purefoy) Text 35 Jun 1968
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KJ156/84 Centenary. Epilogue: Twilight in the Abbey + ‘final tributes…’ (p85) C2 32 Dec 1965
KJ157/10 Centenary. Exhibitions: Princetown University Library Editorial 33 Mar 1966
KJ154/10 Centenary. Exhibitions: Stratford-upon-Avon, and others + 155/05&13 Editorial 32 Jun 1965
KJ157/04 Centenary. Lectures [3] on Kipling Editorial 33 Mar 1966
KJ157/26 Centenary. Melbourne branch activity Secretary's notes 33 Mar 1966
KJ154/03 Centenary. Old books in new jackets [:Macmillan’s Centenary Edition] Editorial 32 Jun 1965
KJ157/12 Centenary. President’s open letter of thanks to editor and officers Harbord, R.E. 33 Mar 1966
KJ153/05 Centenary. Rudyard Kipling – a centenary revaluation:NY conference report Editorial 32 Mar 1965
KJ156/08 Centenary. Studies…byViscount Radcliffe and Jack Dunman Editorial 32 Dec 1965
KJ156/56 Centenary. To whom does Kipling speak today? Gilbert, Elliot L 32 Dec 1965
KJ157/02 Centenary. Westminster Abbey celebrations + Tape recording 157/25 Editorial + Photo. 157/13 33 Mar 1966
KJ040/135 CENTURION OF THE 30TH (POPH). K.’s ‘fortuitous bullseye’ C1 x Dec 1936
KJ104/16 CENTURION OF THE 30TH (POPH). Who wrote: Cur mundus militat…? C2 + Translation 19 Dec 1952
KJ163/05 Century Club. Kipling’s membership details, 1895 Editorial 34 Sep 1967
KJ035/74 Chamberlain Club. Kipling and Lord Hailsham fill two vacancies News & Notes ix Sep 1935
KJ047/74 Chandler Kipling collection presented to the Library of Congress News & Notes xii Oct 1938
KJ081/15 Chandler, Rear-Admiral Lloyd H. Society Vice-President. Obituary 14 Apr 1947
KJ074/17 Chandler, Rear-Admiral Theodore. Vice-President’s son. Obituary 12 Jul 1945
KJ271/59 Change from cakes: ‘Kipling’ shop in Belgium… R 273/57 C + R 68 Sep 1994
KJ338/06 Change of Treasurer: Ray Beck replaces Frank Noah Editorial 84 Sep 2010
KJ237/52 Changing of kings: memories of Burma 1934-1949, by Sir Leslie Glass Editorial note 60 Mar 1986
KJ069/12 Chantey of the nations; a ‘Punch’ extract of the year 1902 [: set of verses] 11 Apr 1944
KJ106/02 Chantry of the nations: mock attribution to R.K. in Punch, 1902. [Stanza] Short, Ernest (Notes) 20 Jul 1953
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KJ346/07 Characterisations Of Otherness: Physiognomic Practice In Kipling’s India Sprague, Trevor 86 Jun 2012
KJ002/05 Characters of Kipling; short poems. No 1: Mowgli speaks Bloch, Regina Miriam i Jul 1927
KJ003/13 Characters of Kipling; short poems. No 2: King’s Ankus white cobra speaks Bloch, Regina Miriam i Oct 1927
KJ004/24 Characters of Kipling; short poems. No 3: Beyond the Pale woman speaks Bloch, Regina Miriam ii Jan 1928
KJ005/10 Characters of Kipling; short poems. No 4: Kim speaks Bloch, Regina Miriam ii Apr 1928
KJ006/28 Characters of Kipling; short poems. No 5: Kim’s Lama speaks Bloch, Regina Miriam ii Jul 1928
KJ322/34 CHARADE; A New Verse Note by Kipling from 1892 Lawler, Traugott 81 Jun 2007
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KJ052/08 Charing Cross. Kipling and Charing Cross: an interesting anniversary Collins, J.P. + 052/04 xiii Dec 1939
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