Kipling Journal: KJ330

Published: Mar 2009

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6Leonard Raven-HillEditorial
8‘Across Our Fathers’ Graves’: Kipling And Field Marshall Earl RobertsAtwood, Rodney
28Wikipedia and KiplingEditorial
29THE CHURCH THAT WAS AT ANTIOCH: A ReadingSergeant, David
43KIM, ‘Transcending The Self’? Appropriation of Eastern Mystical Thought In Kipling’s WorkAwan, Muhammad Safeer
57Readers’ Guide, Harbord R.E., Draft Notes for the Second Volume of VerseEditorial
58THE SCHOLARS, The Story behind ‘”The Scholars”Richards, Robin
62Book Review LAND AND SEA TALES Being Kipling by William DillinghamEditor
63Book Review JUST SO STORIES The Collector’s LibraryEditor
64Book Review The Adventures of Dunsterforce by Major-General L.C. DunstervilleEditor
64Book Review The March to Kandahar by Rodney AtwoodEditor
66Scumfish C2 328/63Pinney, Thomas
66THE WHITE MAN’S BURDEN C1 328/39Leeper, Josephine
67Book Notice Notes on a Cellar-Book by George Saintsbury, ed. Prof T. PinneyEditor

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