Kipling Journal: KJ353

Published: Mar 2014

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7Kipling in AmericaLiardet, Guy
11Visions of Modern Journalism in “The Village that Voted the earth was Flat”.Lonsdale, Sarah
21The Kipling Scrapbook and the End of EmpireDavies, Dominic
32Lies and self-censorship in Kipling’s Indian storiesChemmacherry, Jaine
45Guy Duncan Smith A photographBurns, Ian
46Coming to terms with trauma, and “In the Same Boat”Scragg, Andrew
61Mailbase reportWilson, Alastair
62Kipling and ‘The Friend’. (letter)Borcherds, Peter
62Kipling and the Law. (letter)Driver, C.J.
63Membership notesLambert, John
64About the Kipling SocietyThe Editor

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