Kipling Journal: KJ235

Published: Sep 1985

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6Simla. Photograph: misty foothillsDickins, Douglas
10India. Kipling’s India: a developing viewpoint + illus C 236/49Karim, Enamul + C10
15Lahore. View of Lahore from the top of the fortPhotograph
25Ranjit Singh’s tomb; drawing from a photograph + C 236/49
31Red Sea. Making the green one red: origin of the name “Red Sea” + illusBeckingham, Charles
36McANDREW’S HYMN (SSv). Two Calvinist credos [+text:47/ Burns…]Macaree, David + illus
44Holy Willie’s prayer; poem, by Robert Burns. Text + sketchPaterson, Lennox (artist)
53BROTHER SQUARE-TOES (R&F). Tobias Herte and ChateaubriandC2
57Mixed feelings: Kipling’s ‘beautiful lines’ and ‘the wanton hand of Beetle’C
58Syracuse University, NY State. Bird Library Kipling collectionC
59BALLAD OF BITTERNESS (v). 1883 text ‘to my Mater’ [Mrs Perry]Kipling, Rudyard
61Martindell redivivius R 236/45C + R
63Early verse by Rudyard Kipling…, preliminary noticeC
64Commemoration. 50th anniversary of Kipling’s deathC
65IF (R&Fv). Si tu peux: Maurois French version + R 250/36 251/38 267/43C4 + R
67Studdert-Kennedy. Epitaph, with wreath of woodbines R 239/44C + R
67WHITE MAN’S BURDEN (FNv). Burden, not colourC
68Uncle Ruddy remembered: 04. Recollections of John KiplingHoward, Lorna
70Stalky: 7. Final extracts from the Dunsterville diaries[1939-46]
77SUPERIOR YOUNG LADY (v). Material from Marlboro College, VermontKipling, Rudyard + C236/29

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