Kipling Journal: KJ277

Published: Mar 1996

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06&08Cartoon (RK): …hardly a friendly depiction… with further editorial commentLevene, David
9JUNGLE BOOK 1. London’s New Vic Theatre productionEditorial
11Cultural transfer in Kipling’s writings: a conference paperMoore-Gilbert, B.J.
19Verse recited: a ‘reading’ of Kipling’s verse by Hugh Brogan…Brock, Michael
21Bermuda. Kipling and BermudaStamers-Smith, Eileen
37Not Roosevelt but DunhamDunham, Wolcott B., jr
39Memories of the Kiplings, by the grandson of Andrew Bonar LawSykes, Bonar
44Discipline of engine-room and jungle, The: thesis on K’s poetry. Extract 2Cherry, Fred [See:Thesis]
50Japanese. Kipuringu Tanpenshu. A selection of K’s short stories in Japanese…Review
53German. Translations, and the copyright extensionC2
54EDDI’S SERVICE (R&F). Musical settingC
55BARRACK-ROOM BALLADS (v). Sung, with retail cassette detailsC4
57Elephants. Their dexterity and intelligence R 280/57 281/42C2 + R
62Burton and Strickland: biographer’s enquiryC + 288/80
63Masters. View of the Kiplings in the novel ‘Now, God be thanked’C1
67Journal of Victorian culture, TheC
67KIM. Kim and intelligenceC14
69Strickland in action at Delhi railway station; black and white illustrationFouqueray
70Pisces. Illustration from ‘The Kipling Birthday Book’, compiled in 1896Kipling, Lockwood

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