Kipling Journal: KJ284

Published: Dec 1997

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6SONG IN STORM (v): 1914-18. Illus. for Russian ed. of verseKof, Svetlana
9Rudyard Kipling in Vermont, by Stuart Murray. Images from the Past, $29Editorial review
10Kipling Journal, The. Immediate future assured by donationsEditorial
10Royal Over-Seas League facilities for membersEditorial
12Bermuda. Kipling in Bermuda, 1930: a detailed investigation C 288/77Pinney, Thomas + C2
25Molesworth. Kipling and Mrs Molesworth: 4 unpublished lettersCooper, Jane S.
31Horace. Kipling’s ‘Horace’: photocopied facsimile available for £10Society notices
31Kipling Society, The. Medallion of Kipling’s head available at c£40Society notices
31Rottingdean. Grange Museum: request for display materialSociety notices
32Kipling Society, The. E-mail. AddressSociety notices
32Pater: John Lockwood Kipling, his life & times 1837-1911, by A.R.AnkersSociety notices [Reissue]
33Robeson. Kipling, Robeson, Zilliacus’s dog and an elephantWade, Shamus O.D.
37My boy Jack; play by David Haig. Members’ comments[+Editorial 284/10]
45Feilden. Kipling and the Feildens: correspondence (with facsimile)Feilden, Richard
51Pinney. Thomas Pinney lecture, Cambridge, 18/3/98. Advance noticeC + R 286/44
54Cruise of the Cachelot…, by Frank T. Bullen. Kipling complimentary letterC
55Bateman’s. John Kipling’s rifle queryC15
56CAT THAT WALKED BY HIMSELF (JSS). Bat & the cat; illustrationWalter I.V.
60Masters. John Masters and Kipling’s Soldiers Three R 286/45C2 + R
61Thatcher. Lady Thatcher and KiplingC

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