Kipling Journal: KJ138

Published: Jun 1961

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3Paperbacks. Kipling in paperbacksEditorial
3PROOFS OF HOLY WRIT. New proofs of holy writEditorial
4KIM. First of the greatEditorial
5Aubrey [‘s ‘Brief Lives’] of all people! and othersEditorial
5Parody. Time and Tide competitionEditorial
6Brown, Hilton. Author. ObituaryGreen, Roger Lancelyn
6Thirkell. Angela Thirkell: Kipling’s cousin. ObituaryGreen, Roger Lancelyn
7KIM. Finest story about India – in English + Editorial 138/02Chaudhuri, Nirad C.
15PUCK OF POOK’S HILL. Historical background of some ‘Puck’ storiesScott-Giles, C.W.
22Rudyard Kipling, by Rosemary Sutcliffe. Bodley Head, 1960. 7/6Maitland, W.G.B. (review)
23Glasse gift: thoughts both bibliographic and gastronomicNaumburg, C. & Dunlap, J.
24PUZZLER (A&R). Discussion meeting (Colonel Purefoy)Scott-Giles, I. (report)
24VORTEX (DOC). Discussion meeting (Colonel Purefoy)Scott-Giles, I. (report)
26BAA, BAA, BLACK SHEEP (WWW). [Readers’ guide] Part 2Green, Roger Lancelyn
32BBC TV. Commemoration of 25th anniversary of K’s death + C137/29Secretary's notes+C 138/29
32Kipling Society, The. Office move to 323 High HolbornSecretary's notes
33Brown’s Hotel. Kipling’s room with ‘…selection of pictures…’Secretary's notes

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