Kipling Journal: KJ276

Published: Dec 1995

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9IF (R&Fv). Winner in the nation’s favourite poem C 276/55Editorial + C8
12KIM. Tibetan Wheel of Life versus The Great Game in K.’s Kim + 283/12Shaw, Bruce + illus
22Medical matters. Kipling and medicineSheehan, Gillian
39Mohulla explained R 277/58C + R
40TOMMY (BRBv). Parody in ‘North Laine Runner’ R 277/67Whitehorn, Katharine
42Romance, the sea and the open road; thesis on K’s poetry. Extract 1Cherry, Fred [See:Thesis]
48Ilberts in India 1882-1886, by Mary BennettEngle, George (review)
50Auden. Kipling and Auden R 277/52C + R
52DIVERSITY OF CREATURES. The price of time R 277/60 278/36C + R
56Marriage. In error: The Kipling wedding R 278/45 279/49C + R
57CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS. Record railroad rideC4
59Turkey’s law; Stalky and ice-dancingC
60OUR OVERSEAS MEN (LOT). Deux sortes d’hommes R 277/68C + R
61Jungle book; film. New Disney cartoonC

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