Kipling Journal: KJ265

Published: Mar 1993

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6BRUSHWOOD BOY (DW). If it’s a fish or a trunk, I won’tLowell, Orson (illus)
8Cartoon. A cigar is only a cigar, but a good woman is a smoke (Spectator)Newman, Nick
9Marine chronometer, by R.T. Gould: K’s ‘delighted response’. R 266/40Editorial + CR
14Eliot. T.S. Eliot and KiplingLewis, Lisa A.F.
21Jungle Town; Oxford University’s Wonderland production (+263/46)Lewis, Lisa (review)
22Conrad. Kipling, Conrad and The Dark Heart + Introductory C 249/49Stewart, David H + C2
33Ship and a screw. Kipling source?C
36LIGHT THAT FAILED. Flo Garrard and “Maisie” (with fly-leaf text)C5
36Science fiction. Kipling’s science fiction and fantasyC1
38Treloar Hospital, Alton, Hants and KiplingC
40LOST STORY. Peterborough (Daily Telegraph) ref. to an unpub. novelC
40Pepys. Quotation from Pepys?C
41Feilden. Henry Wemyss Feilden: K’s close friend and neighbourC
42Wyndham. George Wyndham and KiplingC

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