Kipling Journal: KJ126

Published: Jun 1958

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3FOUR-FEET (L&R). Interesting recollection by Lady BatesEditorial
3Verse. ‘…little verses about Kipling that are neither spiteful nor abusive…’Editorial
4Great men of Sussex, by Philip Rush. Bodley Head, 1956Editorial brief note
5PROOFS OF HOLY WRIT. Full text. Editorial introduction: 126/02Kipling, R. + C3 132/21
13Buchanan, Mrs Edith. Founder New Zealand Branch. ObituaryHarbord, R.E.
14Mrs Hauksbee [identified][Includes list of stories]
16PUCK OF POOK’S HILL. Parnesius stories; disc. meeting (Col Purefoy)[Report]
17Scrapbook. Current newspaper cuttings required + 130/25Secretary's notes
18Eltham. Kipling and Eltham connection. See also: Telephone…Secretary's notes
22Gibbon. Gibbon and KiplingC
22Worst slip. ‘…one deliberate mistake in every story…’C13
23E.P. tents: technical detailsC
23McANDREW’S HYMN (SSv). Brooking says ‘McAndrew’ not ‘M’Andrew’C3
23Sussex and Burwash editions: differences in the two setsC
25BALLAD OF EAST AND WEST (BRBv). Scene identifiedC3