Kipling Journal: KJ272

Published: Dec 1994

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12SAHIB’S WAR (T&D). Reflections on K’s ‘compellingly unpleasant story’Havely, Cicely + illus
22COLD IRON (R&F). …some thoughts about…the first story in ‘Rewards…Mason, Philip + illus
29WIRELESS (T&D). And the nature of poetic inspirationStamers-Smith, Eileen
31Echo Club. Kipling, the Echo Club and Bayard TaylorRutherford, Andrew
35Koechlin. ‘The Jungle Book’; 4 symphonic poems & 3 songs (CD)Mattinson, Brian (review)
39Narratives of Empire: the fictions of RK, by Zorah T. Sullivan + C 274/52Stewart, David (review)
44STALKY & CO. Stalky on Stalky & Co; old Indian newspaper reprintDunsterville, Maj-Gen. L.C.
49Canada. Kipling on CanadaC5
51MANDALAY (BRBv). Geography query R 273/47 273/62 274/49 276/58C4 + R
53Landon (Perceval), Kipling and FieldenC
55Blunden on KiplingC
56Brief encounter…with the Kiplings in the 1920sC
57Film productions. Kipling and the early cinema R 273/60C5 + R
57FUZZY-WUZZY (BRBv). …Kipling hero’s V.C… R 273/55C2 + R
57STALKY & CO. Stalky’s literary nephew queryC16
58Patagonia. Veteran’s membership since 1928C

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