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KJ007/09 Kipling about – in London for a week C 009/27 011/23 012/22 A Hustling American + C ii Oct 1928
KJ090/17 LIGHT THAT FAILED. Bibliographical (?) note in US Pocket Books ed. A.C. 16 Jul 1949
KJ021/26 Bible. Kipling and the Bible [: quotations & allusions] C 022/62&63 A.J.C. + C1 vi Mar 1932
KJ390/63 Rudyard Kipling: The Press and Empire Aaron Ackerley May 2022
KJ086/08 Books. Speaking of books [from ‘New York Times Book Review’] Adams, J. Donald 15 Jul 1948
KJ325/09 Decadent or Hearty? Kipling’s Dilemma Adams, Jad 82 Mar 2008
KJ273/06 MANDALAY (BRBv). Cartoon Addams, Charles 69 Mar 1995
KJ204/04 Kipling’s sister: ‘…shadow through the K. biographical literature…’ C211/16 Adelson, Dorothy + C 44 Dec 1977
KJ264/45 MRS BATHURST (T&D). Simply explained in 1390 words Advertisement 66 Dec 1992
KJ369/29 Heroism and Atrocity in The Bull that Thought Ageishi, Mikako 91 Jul 2017
KJ325/61 Letter of Condolence to Theodore Roosevelt C1 324/12 Aidin, Michael 82 Mar 2008
KJ324/12 Rudyard Kipling and the Commemoration of the Dead of the Great War Aidin, Michael 81 Dec 2007
KJ391/49 Mailbase report Alastair Wilson 96 Jun 2022
KJ322/10 Kipling’s Pastoral (A)Version Albano, Giuseppe 81 Jun 2007
KJ060/11 Poetry. R.K.’s three noted war poems Alberts, Gerald A. 8 Dec 1941
KJ376/49 Kipling and a very strange fish Alder, Garrick, and others 92 Dec 2018
KJ042/38 Australia. Original Fairbridge Farm and Kipling Alec-Tweedie, Mrs xi Jun 1937
KJ051/20 Imperial Service College. Presentation of 25 water-colours to Kipling Hall Alec-Tweedie, Mrs (artist) xiii Oct 1939
KJ302/48 And something more: an ‘encounter’ with Kipling Alexander, Bill 76 Jun 2002
KJ018/51 Jungle life. Kipling and jungle life + 018/33 (News & Notes) Allen, B.C. v Jun 1931
KJ106/03 STALKY & CO. Afterthoughts on Stalky & Co + Photo. of the old elm Allen, B.W. 20 Jul 1953
KJ097/03 BRUSHWOOD BOY (DW). Critical analysis C:098/16 099/17 R: 099/17 Allen, B.W. + C1 + R 18 Apr 1951
KJ339/34 Lockwood Kipling Plates at Wimpole Hall (see KJ338, p.41) R1 Allen, Charles 84 Dec 2010
KJ374/62 Mr Price’s pistol (letter) Allen, Charles 92 Jun 2018
KJ332/23 Ruddy’s Search for God: The Young Kipling and Religion Allen, Charles 83 Jun 2009
KJ380/60 Rudyard Kipling and Rabindranath Tagore (letter to the Editor) Allen, Charles 93 Dec 2019
KJ375/11 Rudyard Kipling and the Indian troops in the Great War Allen, Charles 92 Sep 2018
KJ091/11 CHURCH THAT WAS AT ANTIOCH (L&R). Address to NZ branch. Pt 1 Allen, Sir Stephen 16 Oct 1949
KJ092/04 CHURCH THAT WAS AT ANTIOCH (L&R). Address to NZ branch. Pt 2 Allen, Sir Stephen 16 Dec 1949
KJ102/03 JANEITES (D&C). ‘… tribute to the genius of…Jane Austen…’ Pt 1 Allen, Sir Stephen 19 Jul 1952
KJ103/10 JANEITES (D&C). ‘… tribute to the genius of…Jane Austen…’ Pt 2 Allen, Sir Stephen 19 Oct 1952
KJ073/10 Kipling and home influences. Part 1 Allen, Sir Stephen 12 Apr 1945
KJ074/11 Kipling and home influences. Part 2 Allen, Sir Stephen 12 Jul 1945
KJ085/15 Socialism. Kipling and socialism. Part 2 Allen, Sir Stephen 15 Apr 1948
KJ088/09 Socialism. Kipling and socialism. Part 3 Allen, Sir Stephen 15 Dec 1948
KJ075/14 Kipling and home influences. Part 3 C 078/12 Allen, Sir Stephen + C 12 Oct 1945
KJ084/09 Socialism. Kipling and socialism. Part 1 C 085/21 Allen, Sir Stephen + C 14 Dec 1947
KJ096/11 PUCK OF POOK’S HILL. On the Great Wall Pt 1 C 098/16 Allen, Sir Stephen + C2 17 Dec 1950
KJ097/11 PUCK OF POOK’S HILL. On the Great Wall Pt 2 C 098/16 R 099/17 Allen, Sir Stephen + C3 +R 18 Apr 1951
KJ207/14 Literature. Kipling’s place in literature Allen, Walter 45 Sep 1978
KJ080/07&02 Medicine Hat. Kipling’s advice to ‘The Hat’ [: letters to & from Kipling] Also: 032/110 (N&N) 13 Dec 1946
KJ114/06 TO BE FILED FOR REFERENCE (PTFTH). Lalun, the Baragun Ames, Charles L. 22 Jul 1955
KJ124/05 Naulakha. Real Naulakha jewels C1 228/40 Ames, Charles Lesley + C 24 Dec 1957
KJ023/72 United Services College. Foxy the school sgt+photos+C 025/31 027/98 (2) An O.U.S.C.'+ C3 024/127 vi Sep 1932
KJ072/04 Critics. Meeting of the twain [: TLS report of a lecture to East India Assn] Anand, Dr. Mulk + 072/01 11 Dec 1944
KJ378/06 Aunt Ellen: ascent into chaos Anders, John 93 Jun 2019
KJ391/47 Burning Boy, the life and work of Stephen Crane, review Andrew Scragg 96 Jun 2022
KJ267/23 Vermont. Kipling Collections at Marlboro College. Part 1. Description Andrews, Sally 67 Sep 1993
KJ082/15 Kipling Society, The. Future of the Society [: approaching its end?] Angus, T.C. 14 Jul 1947
KJ220/46 Bateman’s. They came to Bateman’s… (discussion group report) Ankers, A.K. 48 Dec 1981
KJ211/04 Kiplings of Yorkshire; discussion meeting. Text See also: 282/40 Ankers, Rev. Dr. Arthur R 46 Sep 1979
KJ297/28 Kipling’s view of ‘Society’: excerpt from ‘Our age: Portrait of a Generation’ Annan, Noel 75 Mar 2001
KJ111/04 Sociologist. Kipling as a sociologist (Third programme broadcast) Annan, Noel 21 Oct 1954
KJ113/03 Conservative. Kipling the Conservative. Pt 1 + Pt 2: 114/03 (+ 114/01) Annan, Noel (BBC talk) 22 Apr 1955
KJ314/31 CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS and The Light that Failed: Studies in Endurance Annis, Geoffrey 79 Jun 2005
KJ307/07 Poetry. Rudyard Kipling: Poet or Verse Writer? Annis, Geoffrey 77 Sep 2003
KJ314/31 THE LIGHT THAT FAILED and ‘Captains Courageous’: Studies in Endurance Annis, Geoffrey 79 Jun 2005
KJ314/53 IF (R&Fv). An Etonian Pastiche Anon. 79 Jun 2005
KJ079/06 Martindell essay prize. 1946: 1st prize winner. Full text Anthony, Rowland 13 Oct 1946
KJ083/09 Martindell essay prize. 1947: 1st prize winner. Full text Anthony, Rowland 14 Oct 1947
KJ256/37 Some odd words; Sussex dialect in Scotland Appleton, Roger 64 Dec 1990
KJ033/08&11 Children. Kipling and the children + Discussion + 033/02 (News & Notes) Applin, Lt.-Col. R.V.K. ix Mar 1935
KJ018/43 Empire. Kipling and the Empire Union + Discussion Applin, Lt.-Col. R.V.K. v Jun 1931
KJ021/09&13 Labour. Kipling and Labour + Discussion + 021/01 (News & Notes) Applin, Lt.-Col. R.V.K. vi Mar 1932
KJ318/10 Kipling Society. Commemoration at Burwash. The Address at the Service Archbishop of Canterbury 80 Jun 2006
KJ032/131 Kipling Society, The. Bookplate: illustrated. Ardley, Miss D.M. viii Dec 1934
KJ069/10 Hitler makes our flesh creep [: from a 1939 book of ‘clever rhymes’] Arkell, Reginald 11 Apr 1944
KJ224/37 Percy Grainger’s Kipling settings: study of the ms sources, by Kay Dreyfus Arnell, Richard (review) 56 Dec 1982
KJ150/24 India. Kipling’s India…as I first saw it, when I arrived in March 1907 Arnott, Allan M. 31 Jun 1964
KJ291/26 BRUSHWOOD BOY (DW). Strange case of the BB &’Wm the Conqueror’ Asche, Austin 73 Sep 1999
KJ363/16 Concealed Signposts Asche, Austin 90 Mar 2016
KJ261/21 Revenge. Vengeance is mine, saith the writer: K’s treatment of revenge Asche, Austin + illus 66 Mar 1992
KJ280/12 Sticks and stones: Kipling and the Marconi scandal + R 286/38 288/76 Asche, Austin + R 281/42 70 Dec 1996
KJ214/26 Betjeman. Kipling and Betjeman Ashley, Audrey 47 Jun 1980
KJ259/27 Austen. Kipling and Jane Austen: why did he admire her so? + illus Ashley, Audrey M.D. 65 Sep 1991
KJ214/14 Bestiary. Rudyard Kipling’s political ‘Bestiary’ Asker, D.B.D. 47 Jun 1980
KJ231/18 Q. Kipling and Q: a question of reputation (+ Q photograph p17) Atkinson, F.G. 58 Sep 1984
KJ344/29 Kipling and the South African War: “A Dress Rehearsal for Armageddon” Atwood, Dr Rodney 85 Dec 2011
KJ330/08 Across Our Fathers’ Graves: Kipling And Field Marshall Earl Roberts Atwood, Rodney 83 Mar 2009
KJ370/40 Heroes of Westward Ho! Atwood, Rodney 96 Sep 2017
KJ360/62 KIPLING AND God – letter Atwood, Rodney 89 Jun 2015
KJ386/50 Our Fathers Lied: Letter to the Editor 1 Atwood, Rodney 95 Jun 2021
KJ376/57 Review: A Soldier’s Kipling, poetry and the profession of arms, by Erickson, Edward . Atwood, Rodney 92 Dec 2018
KJ358/27 If— Auden, W H 88 Sep 2014
KJ330/43 KIM, ‘Transcending The Self’? Appropriation of Eastern Mystical Thought In Kipling’s Work Awan, Muhammad Safeer 83 Mar 2009
KJ314/59 Kipling Society, The. Trustees Report, 2004 Ayers, Lt Col R.C. 79 Jun 2005
KJ315/62 IN THE PRESENCE (DOC) R 313/63 C2 Ayers, R.C. 79 Sep 2005
KJ316/38 University Of Sussex Library, Society Visit Ayers, R.C. 79 Dec 2005
KJ317/55 Book Review. Rudyard Kipling’s Religious Verse by Lt Cdr A.D. Roake Ayers, Roger 80 Mar 2006
KJ305/21 Folio Society’s Editions of Kipling’s Works Ayers, Roger 77 Mar 2003
KJ308/09 GARDENER, THE (D&C) Ayers, Roger 77 Dec 2003
KJ324/62 Kipling’s Pastoral (A)Version C1 322/10 Ayers, Roger 81 Dec 2007
KJ325/57 New Membership Secretary Wanted Ayers, Roger 82 Mar 2008
KJ301/59 PRAYER OF MIRIAM COHEN (MI). Background Ayers, Roger 76 Mar 2002
KJ355/109 Report from Naulakha Ayers, Roger 88 Jul 2014
KJ324/40 RUDYARD KIPLING, Gribayedoff Portrait of Kipling Ayers, Roger 81 Dec 2007
KJ307/26 THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF PAGETT, M.P. (Prose). The Original of ‘Pagett, M.P.’? Ayers, Roger 77 Sep 2003
KJ363/37 Two Versions of “If—” (1) “With the Usual Apologies” Ayers, Roger 90 Mar 2016
KJ310/56 Fleming, Mrs Alice Macdonald. Trix, Kipling’s Forgotten Sister by Lorna Lee Ayers, Roger (Review) 78 Jun 2004
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