Kipling Journal: KJ007

Published: Oct 1928

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008ffTWO LIVES (v). Photostat text from ‘The World’, November 8, 1882Kipling, Rudyard
1Auctions & sales. First editions in Ralph Allen catalogueNews & Notes
1Auctions & sales. Pre-war magazines with Kipling items sell at a premiumNews & Notes
2DAYSPRING MISHANDLED (L&R). In ‘Strand Magazine’, July 1928News & Notes
3Favourite poems. 1: Invitation to members to send in 12 favourite poems
3Kipling Society, The. Beresford becomes Member No 1 – inadvertentlyNews & Notes
4SCHOOLBOY LYRICS (v) & Juvenalia: ‘McTurk’ (sic) on a famous bookBeresford, G.C.
7Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1928 (2)
9Kipling about – in London for a week C 009/27 011/23 012/22A Hustling American + C
16Rudyardites. Sussex scene; what the Rudyardites found + 007/03 (N&N)Rudyardites + C 007/21
16ffHabitation of the Downs. Photograph, with quotes by R.K. & Hilaire Belloc
18 (2)Favourite stories. 3: 2 lists from further afield + 007/03 (News & Notes)+ C2 008/26 009/26
20.007 (DW). Locomotive song and Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No 2C2
20IF (R&Fv). Will Carleton lines [quoted] as poem source?C1
20NAULAHKA. How is it pronounced?C1
21Critics. Essays by Lionel Johnson in ‘The Academy’, 1891-2C2
22Dreams and visions: the supernatural and uncanny in R.K.’s worksWillan, Miss E.
23To be read thrice: a tribute [: in ‘The London Magazine’, August 1928]Frankau, Gilbert

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