Kipling Journal: KJ231

Published: Sep 1984

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6POTTED PRINCESS. Princesses and parodists R 233/33Editorial + R
6Rumbold [Sir Anthony], Kipling and the bullringEditorial
8Annual luncheon 1984, including the address by Sir Jack Boles[Introd: Sir Angus Wilson]
18Q. Kipling and Q: a question of reputation (+ Q photograph p17)Atkinson, F.G.
25KIM. Television film review (London Films production) + 234/43C8
28Mirrielees connection. Based on an unpublished biography: 01. Introd. (1)Robinson, Faith [1900/illus]
30Stalky: 5. More extracts from the Dunsterville diaries: Relating to Kipling[1928-36] +Jun'31 photo
36Macdonald. Macdonald and Baldwin family treesC3
36Swastika. Kipling and the swastika R 232/54C2 + R
38Cobb. Irvin Cobb: identity R 233/50C + R
38KIM. Zam Zammah. Kim’s gun; current photograph (1984) + plaque textC9
41Lahore. Kipling in LahoreC4
46Rottingdean. Society visit: 1 (June 1984), with brief area description

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