Kipling Journal: KJ088

Published: Dec 1948

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1Illustration. Art side of Kipling + C 089/16Collins, J.P (Notes) + C2
1Kipling Journal, The. Partisans world-wide…anticipating monthly issueCollins, J.P. (Notes)
2Brains and [Robert] Bridges: comment on the essay ‘Wordsworth & Kipling’Collins, J.P. (Notes)
3South Africa. Wool gathering in sacks, with ‘Woolsack’ stoep photographCollins, J.P. (Notes)
4India. Some lesser known aspects of Kipling in the further East.Stanford, Lt.-Col. J.K.
6Rudyard Lake. Name renownedC1
7Martindell essay prize. 1948: 2nd prize winner. Full textRowley, J.R.
8Rottingdean. House behind a high wall [:from ‘St. Dunstan’s Review’ 9/47]Lees, Maureen V.
9Socialism. Kipling and socialism. Part 3Allen, Sir Stephen
10MRS BATHURST (T&D). What was in Hooper’s pocket?Maitland, W.G.B.
11Rudyard Kipling, by Rupert Croft-Cooke. Home & Van Thal. 6/- + 087/01Bazley, B.M. (review)
12Speaks, Oley. Composer of ‘On the road to Mandalay’ puzzle
13France. Kipling and France Part 3Bazley, Basil M.
15Danish. Mandalay: a Danish musical versionC
16Kipling Journal, The. Shortage of back nos: 3,5-9,15,18-9,24-5,32,41,46,48
16Kipling Journal, The. Shortage of back nos: 51,53,56,59,67,71,73,81,83
16Rudyard Kipling, by Nella Braddy. Collins [‘The Statesman’ excerpt][Book review]
17France. R.K. and French writersC2
17THEY (T&D). What is the Egg? R 089/17C1 + R
17WELAND’S SWORD (POPH). …example of pitfall of ‘episodal’… writingC
17Worst slip. Which train: ‘down’ or ‘up’ in ‘Error in the fourth dimension’C9 + R 090/15

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