Kipling Journal: KJ075

Published: Oct 1945

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1Caesar’s verdict [: K’s power to relate present period with the classic age]Collins, J.P (Notes)
1Churchill. Banquet memories [: regrets over post-war election result]Collins, J.P. (Notes)
1Japan. Kipling and Japan [: 11 chapters in ‘From Sea to Sea’]Collins, J.P (Notes)
2Noble task [: Council seeking systematic annotation of Kipling’s writings]Collins, J.P. (Notes)
3Stalky settles up, by Maj-Gen. Dunsterville. Unpublished. Excerpts: 3
5Surtees. Kipling and SurteesUnderwood, F.A.
7Day, The: verses written in 1914 by Kipling’s friendChappell, Henry
8Public schools. Kipling and the Old School TieRobinson, Sir Christopher
10Kipling Society, The. M. Herriot and the Kipling Society
11Rudyard Kipling, by Hilton Brown. Hamish Hamilton + 076/01 076/19Brooking, J.H.C. (review)
14Kipling and home influences. Part 3 C 078/12Allen, Sir Stephen + C
15Second sight. ‘The Sight’: some interesting experiences… + 072/12 074/01Fleming, Mrs Alice
16KING (SSv). ‘And left the local – late again’ query [: with comment]C1
16STALKY & CO. Original of Hartopp [: Herbert Arthur Evans]C3

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