Kipling Journal: KJ358

Published: Dec 2014

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8“Arithmetic on the Frontier”Hamer, Mary
8A choice of Kipling’s poetry, with commentaryvarious
10“Bridge Guard in the Karroo”Raine, Craig
13“The Craftsman” and “The Coiner”Karlin, Daniel
16“Divided Destinies”Nagai, Kaori
19“Eddi’s Service”Ricketts, Harry
21“Epitaphs of the War”Minogue, Sally
23“Harp Song of the Dane Women”Bubb, Alex
25“The Hyaenas”Bailey, R V
27“If—”Auden, W H
29“Mesopotamia”Cockburn, Patrick
31“Normans and Saxons”Hitchens, Peter
34“A Recantation”Lee, John
36“A Song of Seven Cities”Page, Bruce
39“The Way through the Woods”Brogan, Hugh
42An early Kipling poemGardner, Chris
47Rudyard Kipling and MandalaySelth, Andrew
61Thoughts on Kipling’s “Recessional”Davie, Donald
62“Mummy”Whitehorn, Katharine

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