Kipling Journal: KJ018

Published: Jun 1931

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34Auctions & sales. Presentation set to Helen M. Warner ‘for saving K’s life’News & Notes
34FROM SEA TO SEA. Olputs Patent Concrete Railway SleeperNews & Notes + 017/25
35Kipling Society, The. Stalky invites all admirers of K. to join the SocietyDunsterville, Maj-Gen. L.C.
36Annual conference 1931. Summary
37Annual luncheon 1931, with address by Lord Chelmsford
41Foundations of English prose, by A.C. Ward: Passages devoted to Kipling
43Empire. Kipling and the Empire Union + DiscussionApplin, Lt.-Col. R.V.K.
49More yarns, by ‘Stalky’. Jarrolds. 7/6Review
50Rhinoceros – his spots; verse – on hearing of a new ‘Not-So Story’G.E.F.
51Jungle life. Kipling and jungle life + 018/33 (News & Notes)Allen, B.C.
59Interpreter. Kipling the interpreter: how a South African sees him
60Kipling Journal, The. Value for members living at a distanceC2
63Literature. Essence of literature: Kipling, Barrie & Shaw comparedWells, Gabriel
FPSTALKY & CO. Fifty years after: photograph of Stalky & Co[+ News & Notes 018/33]

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