Kipling Journal: KJ074

Published: Jul 1945

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1Kipling Society, The. Brochure of ‘choice and reprove excerpts’Collins, J.P. (Notes)
1Kipling Society, The. Lord Wavell visits Society: wants to buy Sussex ed.Collins, J.P. (Notes)
2Annual conference 1945. Brief summary
2H.M.S. Kipling. Commander’s marriageCollins, J.P. (Notes)
3Germans. Kipling’s opinions of the Germans C 075/16Bazley, Basil M. + C2
5Coming to consciousness [: review excerpt of Eliot’s ‘Choice of K’s verse’]C
6Politics. The politics of Rudyard KiplingMacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
8Stalky settles up, by Maj-Gen. Dunsterville. Unpublished. Excerpts: 2
11Kipling and home influences. Part 2Allen, Sir Stephen
13Questions. Kipling questions answered + 075/13
13Twain. Kipling and Mark TwainLewis, N. Lawson
14Great writer and the little Englanders [: ‘Kipling in spirit an Elizabethan’]Candidus ['Daily Sketch']
15Library. Sanderson bequest: 36 vols. of the ‘Outward Bound’ editionMaitland, W.G.B.
16Kipling Society, The. Melbourne branch annual report: 7thBroughton, Mrs Grace
17Chandler, Rear-Admiral Theodore. Vice-President’s son. Obituary
17Corbett-Smith, Major A. Founder member. Obituary
17India. Maharaja [of Manipur]’s fag [: Manchester Guardian report, 12/44]
17Sanderson, John. Ex-Council and Life Member. Obituary

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