Kipling Journal: KJ051

Published: Oct 1939

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3Carlyle. Kipling and CarlyleNews & Notes
3Wars of aggression: a recurrent process in the Teuton cosmogonyNews & Notes
4Canada. Sudbury and the story of an epitaph + 053/06[Notes] + 052/05 052/48
4Punjab. Rendering to the colours more troops than rest of India combinedNews & Notes
5Kipling Society, The. Members. (c1600) in many lands[Countries listed]
5LAST CHANTEY (SSv). Original pen-and-ink drawings [not illustrated]Housman, Laurence
06&01Kipling Society, The. Wartime. Its part in the war + Maurois’ reply 052/07Dunsterville, Maj-Gen. L.C.
8Annual luncheon 1939. Photograph of President, RK’s sister & cousin
9Kipling in war-time [: ‘…a very present help for readers…’]E.G.H.
11Prophet. Some Kipling war warnings + C1 064/17MacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
13Kipling Society, The. Thoughts on the Kipling SocietyBrooking, J.H.C.
17Uncollected Kipling writings. Part 1Martindell, Captain E.W.
20Imperial Service College. Presentation of 25 water-colours to Kipling HallAlec-Tweedie, Mrs (artist)
22Tellers of tales, selected by Somerset Maugham. Doubleday, NY. 1939[Introduction excerpt]
23Auctions & sales. Letter from the Boer War sold for £11
23Rudyard Kipling: Fishguard trawler sunk in September 1939
24Sailors. Kipling and some sailorsStröm, Miss Sista
32Piracy. Information requested about ‘The Vampire’ pirated editionCaddick, A.E. + R 053/30
33STEAM TACTICS (T&D). How Kipling revised the original versionCaddick, A.E.
37BEGINNINGS (DOCv) [: its spirit…represents something of a religion…]
38Parody. Kipling as a parodistC2
39Kipling Society, The. Wartime. Business as usualSecretary's corner
FPABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR (v). Cook’s son, duke’s son. Photograph

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