Kipling Journal: KJ369

Published: Jul 2017

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2Kipling and Europe: conference programmeMontefiore, Janet
3Old England and Europe in the “Puck” storiesMontefiore, Janet
17Kipling and the Great War propagandistsRichards, David
23Conflating points of view in The Eyes of AsiaRaimbault. Elodie
29Heroism and Atrocity in The Bull that ThoughtAgeishi, Mikako
36The London ClubBann, Stephen
44Philosophical pessimism in The Light that FailedPaskins, Susie
57“An Intoxicating Spark”, Kipling, Jensen, and Vitalist ModernismBrogger, Inger K
64Kipling and GramsciTurci, Monica
79Kipling and Europe, some actions and reactionsRicketts, Harry

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