Kipling Journal: KJ085

Published: Apr 1948

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1PROOFS OF HOLY WRIT. Helping holy writ: Buchan and KiplingCollins, J.P. (Notes)
2Collectanea: ‘…Kipling letters in elucidation of problems…’Collins, J.P. (Notes)
3Religion. Kipling and the world’s religions. Part 1MacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
4Baldwin, Lord. Memorial service for Kipling’s cousin
5India. Some impressions of India [: BBC broadcast excerpt] C 086/17Radcliffe, Sir Cyril + C4
7My brother Rudyard Kipling [: BBC broadcast] Part 2Fleming, Alice Macdonald
9Psychology. Some psychological observations on Kipling’s writings. Part 2Crichton-Miller, H.
12France. Kipling and France Part 1 + Notes 085/01Bazley, Basil M.
14British barmaid […including reference to Mrs Bathhurst] + C 134/21[Monthly Bulletin, 11/47]
15Socialism. Kipling and socialism. Part 2Allen, Sir Stephen
17ENEMIES TO EACH OTHER (D&C). Personal analysisBuchanan, Edith M.
18Crossword. Kipling’s dogs + Solution: 087/09Harbord, R.E.
19ARMY OF A DREAM (T&D). Sanna’s Post and other names queryC + R 086/16&17
20Auctions & sales. Rudyard Kipling’s reference booksC3
20Favourite stories. 5: Update suggested R 086/16 087/17 + Notes 085/02C3 + R
20Kipling Society, The. Auckland branch summary. 1947Buchanan, Edith M.
21Souvenirs de Kipling [: excerpt from ‘France’, January 1948]C

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