Kipling Journal: KJ297

Published: Mar 2001

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06&08MIRACLE OF PURUN BAGHAT (JB2). Illustration & note.Tresilian, Stuart (illus)
9Kipling Journal, The. Cover portraitEditorial
9Kipling Journal, The. Editor 6: George Webb. 20 years after: further tributeEditorial
11Kipling Journal, The. Editor 7: To the new EditorWebb, George
13McANDREW’S HYMN (SSv). McAndrew and social class.Wilson, Alastair
16CHILDREN OF THE ZODIAC (MI). Kipling’s children of death.Dillingham, William B.
27Coldwells, Canon Alan. Obituary
28Kipling’s view of ‘Society’: excerpt from ‘Our age: Portrait of a Generation’Annan, Noel
31Japan. Kipling in JapanKuwano, Yoshiaki
43AT THE END OF THE PASSAGE (LH). Images from the eyes of the deadEngle, Sir George
45Kipling Society, The. Web-site. The Kipling Society on-lineRadcliffe, John
47This quarter 70 years ago (1)…J.C.Stobart’s BBC broadcast to schools…See also: KJ 17, p 14
48&49Kipling Society, The. Secretary 8: Michael Smith. Brief biography & illus.Editor
50Rudyard Kipling, [an anthology of prose and verse] edited by Daniel KarlinUnderwood, F.A. (review)
51Echo of a distant drum, by Maurice WilloughbySmith, Michael (review)
56Music settings. Kipling’s verse [being prepared by Brian Mattinson]C
581600-1947 Anglo-Indian legacy…, by George GabbNotices & News
59Burwash. Accommodation (b&b) in Burwash [for pilgrimage to Bateman’s]Smith, Michael
59Kessingland connection in the life and works of RK, by Maureen Long.Notices and News
59Wordsworth editions of Kipling: current updateNotices and News

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