Kipling Journal: KJ261

Published: Mar 1992

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6ISLANDERS (FNv). A little Kipling is a dangerous thingCartoon (1902)
8BRUSHWOOD BOY (DW). Upon gigantic doorstepsLowell, Orson (illus)
11MRS BATHURST (T&D). More thoughts C 262/34&35 263/41Mason, Philip + C18
21Revenge. Vengeance is mine, saith the writer: K’s treatment of revengeAsche, Austin + illus
25IN AMBUSH (S&C). Where they smoked like Red IndiansRaven-Hill, Leonard (illus)
27SLAVES OF THE LAMP I (S&C). I zee ‘un! roared Rabbit-eggsRaven-Hill, Leonard (illus)
30SEA CONSTABLES (D&C). He hoisted himself upon one elbowMatania, Fortunino (illus)
34BRUSHWOOD BOY (DW). Twelve-inch flower-pot on each footLowell, Orson (illus)
35German. Das Dschungelbuch (Jungle Book), translated by Gisbert HaefsBook notice
35JUNGLE BOOKS. World’s Classics ed., OUP, 1992Book notice
38Germany. A miscellany from GermanyC
40MY BOY JACK (SWv). A recording of the poem on the ‘Pearl’ labelC
40Steady the Buffs! Explanation of the expressionC
41Telling old battles over: British Consul-General speech in JohannesburgC
42Cragside. Kipling and Baron Armstrong of CragsideC
43Equivocal resuscitation; New Delhi correspondent report in ‘Independent’C
44Raising money for bands…and an uncollected Kipling speechC
45Arundell House, Tisbury, Wilts…occupied more than once by RK & his wifeC1 + illus

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