Kipling Journal: KJ090

Published: Jul 1949

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1Dickens. Kipling and BozCollins, J.P. (Notes)
2Magazine harvest. Kipling use of the short story in a ‘novel-mad’ worldCollins, J.P. (Notes)
3Rudyard Kipling: address to the Kipling Society. Part 2+Correction 091/17Beith, Major-Gen. Ian Hay
6Parody. Little Bo-Peep [from ‘Poets in the nursery’ by Charles Powell,1920]Kipling, Rudyard
07&02Simla Players. Prologue to a ‘drama slight’, recited by K’s sister. Full textMartindell, Capt+ C 095/17
9Burma. Outside the EmpireBazley, Basil M.
10MRS BATHURST (T&D). What happened? C 091/17 092/17 093/14&15Browne, Lt-Col. B. + C2
10MRS BATHURST (T&D). What happened? C 094/16 095/16&17Browne, Lt-Col. B. + C2
11IF (R&Fv). Intolerable ‘If’? [: ‘lively correspondence’] + follow-up 091/05[The Spectator]
13Martindell essay prize. 1949: 1st prize winner. Full textMiles, D.W.
15Humorous tales, by Rudyard Kipling. Pan Books. 2/- [Library note]Maitland, W.G.B. (review)
16JOB LOT (v). Information wanted R 091/17C + R
16Worst slip. Whole story ‘Bread upon the waters’ [: references not verified]C10
17Boothby. Guy Boothby and what ‘Mr Kipling says…’C
17Freemasonry. PALACE (FNv) and Kipling’s letterC2
17LIGHT THAT FAILED. Bibliographical (?) note in US Pocket Books ed.A.C.

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