Kipling Journal: KJ256

Published: Dec 1990

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6BRONCKHURST DIVORCE CASE (PTFTH). French edition illustrationBailly, Léon
8TIGER! TIGER! (JB1). The hunting-howl of a wolf at middayReboussin, Roger (illus)
9Letters of Rudyard Kipling, edited by Thomas Pinney. Vol 1 & Vol 2.Editorial (review)
11Cowardly new world; a study of Kipling’s science fiction (+ illus)Morris, Christopher
24Fuzzy-wuz; Kipling’s texts & the Chelsea National Army Museum + illusRice, Elizabeth Talbot
28Kipling considered, edited by Phillip Mallett. Macmillan, 1989Crook, Nora (review)
31Sheep in lion’s clothing; a note on ‘The Far Pavilions’ and ‘Kim’Crane, Ralph J.
33Fact and fantasy; more thoughts on ‘Puck…’ and ‘Rewards…’Monro, J.E.
37Some odd words; Sussex dialect in ScotlandAppleton, Roger
39Translator’s delights; a ‘singular task’ C 256/47 257/44Haefs, Gisbert + C
44RIKKI-TIKKI-TAVI (JB1). Darzee’s chant in GermanHaefs, Gisbert
45DOCTOR OF MEDICINE (R&F). Plague stones R 259/65 260/48C + R
46Gay. A link with John Gay?C
46Russia. I keep six honest serving-men… on the Trans-Siberian RailwayC4
49MAN WHO WOULD BE KING (WWW). Daniel Dravot & Josiah HarlanC3
52Kipling Society, The. Finances in 1989Lewis, Peter
53Kipling Society, The. Annual general meeting No 63, 1990. Report
54Kipling Society, The. London postal address in 1990

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