Kipling Journal: KJ097

Published: Apr 1951

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2No Danegeld, by request [: Randolph Churchill corrects ‘The Observer’]Collins, J.P. (Notes)
3BRUSHWOOD BOY (DW). Critical analysis C:098/16 099/17 R: 099/17Allen, B.W. + C1 + R
3Maugham. ‘…intention of compiling a selection of Kipling stories…’Collins, J.P. (Notes)
6Rudyard Lake. Kipling shrine + illustrationWood, Frances A.
7BONFIRES (v). Origin of ‘…bonfires on the ice…’Pettigrew, Lt.-Col. W.N.
7GUNGA DIN (BRBv). Origin of Gunga DinPettigrew, Lt.-Col. W.N.
8SEVEN SEAS (v). Bibliography point for collectorsPettigrew, Lt.-Col. W.N.
09&01MANDALAY (BRBv). The road to Mandalay; broadcast talk. Pt 1Gutteridge, Bernard
11PUCK OF POOK’S HILL. On the Great Wall Pt 2 C 098/16 R 099/17Allen, Sir Stephen + C3 +R
14Film productions. Hollywood and ‘Kim’ C: 098/17 Notes: 093/01 097/01Press comments + C1

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