Kipling Journal: KJ273

Published: Mar 1995

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6MANDALAY (BRBv). CartoonAddams, Charles
9Hardy to Larkin: seven English poets, by John WhiteheadEditorial
11WIRELESS (T&D). Thoughts on the individual nature of poetic inspirationMason, Philip
13Birthday Book, The Kipling (1896) and the identity of Mr Finn revealedPinney, Thomas + illus
21BARRACK-ROOM BALLADS (v). As treasure-trove + C2 274/58Whitehead, John
26Freight-car Kipling: riding the rails to Medicine Hat 1889 to 1910Johnson, Jay + illus
42Rhetoric of English India, by Sara Suleri + C 274/52Stewart, David (review)
53SAHIB’S WAR (T&D). Footnote to Havely article [: Reflections on…]C
56Kipling Society, The. Beneath my chin…request for a tie R 274/61C + R
57Karno. Kipling and KarnoC
58GLORY OF THE GARDEN (HOEv). The garden, and the wallC
59Bateman’s. Lines on Bateman’s by Ronald KingC13

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