Kipling Journal: KJ042

Published: Jun 1937

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32Parents. Kipling’s mother. Photograph [: before marriage?][from Florence Macdonald]
34ISLANDERS (FNv). Conscription on continental lines implied?News & Notes
35Critics. North China Herald on ‘Something of myself’News & Notes
35Freemasonry. Lodge Hope and Perseverance, the K. Lodge + R 044/129News & Notes + 043/70
35Wheeler, S.E. Kipling’s ‘Civil & Military Gazette’ editor. Obituary[Brief note]
36Kipling Society, The. Victoria B.C., Canada, branch report. 1937-8+046/37+ 043/71 044/108 045/05
36Prize essay competition 1937. Winners’ names and % marks awarded
36Rudyard Kipling: craftsman, by Lt.-Gen. Sir George MacMunn. Hale. 10/6[Extended review]
38Australia. Original Fairbridge Farm and KiplingAlec-Tweedie, Mrs
38Sussex edition. Specimen copies on view in principal book shops
40United Services College. Battle of one against threeBeresford, G.C.
43Medical matters. Kiplings’ family doctorFröhlich, Prof. Dr. Alfred
47+34Medical matters. Kipling and doctors + Discussion 042/56Bonney, Victor
59Annual conference 1937. Extended summary
62Annual luncheon 1937, with address by Sir Edward Grigg[Text, with toasts]
65South Africa. Mr. Bowlby’s diary & Kipling [BMJ May 1900, excerpt]C1
66STORY OF THE GADSBYS. Portsmouth Parish church bellsC
67Annual luncheon. Problem of seating members satisfactorily & Golden Rule!Secretary's corner
67Kipling Society, The. Members. Should be recruiting sergeants!Secretary's corner

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