Kipling Journal: KJ325

Published: Mar 2008

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6Bombay (Mumbai) – A Kipling MuseumEditorial
6Lahore Old CityEditorial
6Membership Standing Orders & Other MattersEditorial
7Obituary: George H. Webb, C.M.G., O.B.E.Smith, Michael
9Decadent or Hearty? Kipling’s DilemmaAdams, Jad
28Kipling In ChinaXiuqing, Li
33The Uses of Ritual In Kipling’s Masonic StoriesCoates, John
49A Supplementary Issue of the JournalEditorial
50OF THOSE CALLED; NotesKipling, Rudyard; Editor
53Book Review. Kipling Sahib by Charles AllenEditor
55Book Notice. Kipling’s Departmental Ditties by Roberta BaldiEditor
55Book Notice. Politics and Awe In Rudyard Kipling’s Fiction by Peter HavholmEditor
55Book Review. O Beloved Kids ed. by Elliot L. GilbertEditor
57New Membership Secretary WantedAyers, Roger
58The New Reader’s Guide: Themes In KiplingHavholm, Peter
61Letter of Condolence to Theodore Roosevelt C1 324/12Aidin, Michael
63My Boy Jack – Television Production C1Leeper, Josephine

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