Kipling Journal: KJ106

Published: Jul 1953

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1India. Kipling in his relation to Imperial imagination, 1953Short, Ernest (Notes)
2Across the Seven Seas: Rudyard Kipling…great American poet & novelist…Short, Ernest (Notes)
2Chantry of the nations: mock attribution to R.K. in Punch, 1902. [Stanza]Short, Ernest (Notes)
3STALKY & CO. Afterthoughts on Stalky & Co + Photo. of the old elmAllen, B.W.
6French. Poèmes choisis par T.S. Eliot, traduit par Jules Castier + 107/02Powell, Anthony (review)
13IF (R&Fv). 53 parodies (1921-1952) presented to the Society
13PUCK OF POOK’S HILL. 30th Legion and Hadrian’sWallMaitland, W.G.B.
13REWARDS & FAIRIES. 30th Legion and Hadrian’s WallMaitland, W.G.B.
14Worst slip. ‘Bread upon the waters’ most likely source R 108/16C12 + R
15Knight on wheels, by Ian Hay: an early tribute to Rudyard Kipling
16Canada. Kipling & Ritual relating to the calling of a professional engineer.C2
16South Africa. Where Kipling walkedC3
17Statistics. Particulars for all known Kipling poems, single verses, etcC1

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