Kipling Journal: KJ032

Published: Dec 1934

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102Music settings. Non nobis domine, by Roger QuilterNews & Notes
102Rottingdean. Kipling avoids the ‘ranks of autograph hunters’News & Notes
103Critics. Text books should be examined for ‘militaristic, patriotic…tendency’News & Notes
103H.M.S. Pelorus. Shield presented by KiplingNews & Notes
103Kipling Society, The. Members. Honorary member No 1 [:Alfred Laursen]News & Notes
103Kipling Society, The. US Ambassador elected Vice-PresidentNews & Notes
104Critics. Louis Fabulet ‘knows well what the “intellectuals” carp at…’News & Notes
104Rhodes. Kipling’s ‘own vision of Cecil Rhodes’ (8 lines of verse)News & Notes
104Rhodes. Kipling’s inscription for Cecil Rhodes’ Bronze MemorialNews & Notes
105IF (R&Fv). Memorial room in Sledmere Church, YorkshireNews & Notes
105Prophet. Four pertinent press-cuttings, Oct-Nov, 1934News & Notes
105PUCK OF POOK’S HILL. Read about the Wall in POPH & make it live…News & Notes
107Critics. Nasty nicknames: …Chickling…and KidlingNews & Notes
107India. India Defence League pamphlet on political reconstructionNews & Notes
107Library. Bumpus exhibitions supplemented by library stockNews & Notes
108Critics. Kipling has no ideas, no vision…but sells 110,000 copies of verseNews & Notes
108EXPLORER (FNv). Error in 1st English edition, subsequently correctedNews & Notes
109Kipling Society, The. George Eliot Foundation. Message [to]News & Notes
109MacMunn, Lady. Council Chairman’s wife. Obituary
110&118Bible. Kipling’s use of the Old Testament+Discussion+032/101+ C2 034/67MacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
119LITTLE HOUSE AT ARRAH. Sketch from ‘The Pioneer’, Feb 24, 1888Kipling, Rudyard
121Contention: That Rudyard Kipling is not a Jingo [: from ‘The Press’, NZ]Caddick, Charles I.
124Collected dog stories, by Rudyard Kipling. Macmillan. 7/6. + 031/97 (N&N)[Extended review]+030/66
125ODE FOR THE VICTORIA CENTENARY (v). Short excerpts (3)[Brief review]
126&109Kipling: poem (: written when asked to ‘say something about Kipling’)Cleary, Kate McPhelim
130Stevenson. Kipling’s reply to RLS’s ‘Soldiers Three’ congratulations – queryC1
131Kipling Society, The. Bookplate: illustrated.Ardley, Miss D.M.
FP&101LITTLE HOUSE AT ARRAH. Illustration from ‘Bengal: Past & Present’Eyre, Major V.

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