Kipling Journal: KJ301

Published: Mar 2002

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06&O8MARKLAKE WITCHES (R&F). Philadelphia’s fury. Illustration & textBrock, C.E/Webb, George
9Kipling Society, The. 75 Unbroken yearsEditorial
10Our man in NirvanaEditorial
12Kipling Journal, The. 75th AnniversaryEditorial
12MATTER OF FACT (MI). ‘Truth is a naked lady…’Editorial
13Kipling Society, The. Past Presidents of the SocietyEngle, Sir George
16In the footsteps of Kipling: a memoir of Allahabad & Lahore in the FiftiesSpencer, John
21Kipling Society, The. Subscriptions – a reminder
22Beresford, G.C. & Wilson, G.A. : on opening a large black trunk… + photosWilson, Nick
25Kipling’s Burma: a literary and historical review. Part 1Webb, George
33MARY POSTGATE (DOC). Grief, anger and identityDillingham, William B.
42MARY POSTGATE (DOC). Did Mary Postgate leave an ally to die?Dower, Bill
48Rudyardites. Where are the Rudyardites?Editor
48This quarter 70 years ago (5)…Limitations of knowledge…See also: KJ 1, p 28
49That fateful day [: reminiscences of Kipling’s death]C
50Mr Kipling sees it through [: International conference on air travel, 1910]C
50Out in the midday sun [: the cult of the topi or pith-helmet & K’s advice]C
52Cummerbund, The. Text of poem by Edward LearC
52How pleasant to know Mr Lear [:K, limericks & text of ‘The Cummerbund’]C
53I’ll raise a glass to Kipling…; a toast to ‘a soul that understands’C
54Library. Availability for members during 2002, following the fire last yearSlater, John
55Ends of the Earth. Raymond Seitz Guest of Honour at the dining club 12/01News Views & Reviews
55Iron rebuke. Did Wellington really glorify the playing fields at Eton?News Views & Reviews
56My boy Jack? … by Tonie & Valmai Holt. Revised edition. Leo Cooper. 2001Keskar, Jane (review)
58Kipling Society, The. Website. The Kipling Society on-line [4]Radcliffe, John
59PRAYER OF MIRIAM COHEN (MI). BackgroundAyers, Roger

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