Kipling Journal: KJ390

Published: May 2022

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2‘Kipling in the News’ Conference ReportSarah Lonsdale and Dominic Davies
6‘Run and find out’ : Rudyard Kipling as a junior reporterJan Momtefiore
21Opium Empire and the OrientVinita Dhondiya Bhattnagar
34Kipling and the Native PressHarish Trivedi
45Tell it as a lie: Fiction and Journalism in Many InventionsElodie Raimbault
54Kipling and ‘The Friend’: Boers, Badges, and BibliographersDavid Alan Richards
63Rudyard Kipling: The Press and EmpireAaron Ackerley
84Feminist responses to Kipling’s ‘If–‘Sarah Lonsdale

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