Kipling Journal: KJ114

Published: Jul 1955

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2Paterson. Charles Paterson’s Kiplingiana donated to Cornell University, NYShort, Ernest (Notes)
2Theatre. Kipling in the theatreShort, Ernest (Notes)
6TO BE FILED FOR REFERENCE (PTFTH). Lalun, the BaragunAmes, Charles L.
8DEBITS & CREDITS. Autobiographical material: some pointersGatenby, E.V.
10Marks, Miss Florence. Old and valued Society member. Obituary
11Healing. Kipling’s later tales: the theme of healing. Part 4Tompkins, Dr. J.M.S.
15JUST SO STORIES. Readers’ guide explained [briefly]Brooking, J.H.C.
17WIRELESS (T&D). Somewhere down South queryC1

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