Kipling Journal: KJ302

Published: Jun 2002

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5Kim: a small station passed on the way from Bombay to Delhi. Mus. & textRaven-Hill,L/Ayers, Roger
8Last Empress of India: an appreciation of the Queen MotherEditorial
10Kipling’s Burma: a literary and historical review. Part 2 (with map)Webb, George
20PUCK OF POOK’S HILL. Spirit of the landBramwell, Peter
28Blue roses and green carnations: 3 RK & Oscar Wilde textual interactionsRose, D.C.
39This quarter 70 years ago (6)…First Kipling Society luncheon…See also: KJ 2, p 07
40Imperialism, racism & ‘the god of small things’Shamsul Islam
48And something more: an ‘encounter’ with KiplingAlexander, Bill
51Long Recessional: Imperial life of R.K., by David Gilmour. Murray. 2002Webb, George (review)
52Long Recessional: Imperial life of R.K., by David Gilmour. Murray. 2002Editor (letter to 'The Times')
53Kipling Society, The. Annual general meeting No 74, 2001. Report
57Bateman’s. Celebration of Kipling’s words…’for National Trust visitors…’Society news
57Library. Current telephone numbers at City UniversitySlater, John
60South Africa. Kipling Collection in the University of Cape TownC
61Kipling boycott [of the barber shop in Pall Mall Parade]C
61MARY POSTGATE (DOC). Kipling’s possible misquotation?C
62Bequests to servants: Carrie Kipling’s final (1938) willC
65Kipling Society, The. About the Kipling Society

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