Kipling Journal: KJ267

Published: Sep 1993

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6HIS GIFT (L&ST). Wizardry among the pots and pansCleaver, Reginald (illus)
9Baa Baa, black sheep; opera, by Michael Berkeley + C3 274/63 275/48Editorial (review)
11Rottingdean. Day in Rottingdean: Kipling and the family circle (29/5/93)Smith, Michael
13Rottingdean. No alarms and excursions: the Ks in Rottingdean. Part 1Smith, Michael + illus
23Vermont. Kipling Collections at Marlboro College. Part 1. DescriptionAndrews, Sally
25LIGHT THAT FAILED. Stage version, adap. by ‘George Fleming’ + illusMagazine report (1903)
33Haggard. Rider Haggard & R.K.: a bibliographical checklist + illusSiemens, Lloyd (comp.)
40Kipling Society, The. Annual general meeting No 66, 1993. Report
42CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS. Freddie Bartholemew’s death R 268/43C3 + R + Taber illus(p57)
43JUNGLE BOOKS. Bharatam Dance Company in AustraliaC12
45ABSENT-MINDED BEGGAR (v). Notices of two fine copies for saleC3 + illus
46JUST SO STORIES. Daily Telegraph “My favourite thing” seriesC6
48BRUGGLESMITH (MI). “Ask a p’liceman!” (+ illus p51) R 268/48C2 + R
48Titles in printC
50Bhagalpur. Memorial at BhagalpurC
52My boy Jack. Request for information about K’s son for book in (?)1995C
54Narratives of Empire: the fictions of Rudyard Kipling, by Zoreh T. SullivanParry, Ann (review)
57CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS. Harvey taught to steer the schoonerTaber, I.W. (illus)

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