Kipling Journal: KJ310

Published: Jun 2004

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6Sedna and QUIQUERN (JB2)Editorial
7Rudyard Kipling: A Major Prophet?Brock, Dr Michael G.
32THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING. (WWW). A Golden Crown: The Machiavellianism ofPearce, Colin D.
42Kipling Society, The. Trustees Report, 2003Hall, P.G.S.
43Kipling Society, The. Annual Gen. Meeting No 76, 2003. Minutes
48Kipling Society, The. Annual Accounts, 2003. Statement
50Parody. IF— (You Want to be a G.P.) (R&Fv)Goranov, Assoc Prof Mitko
51Music. A Kipling Concert – performed byMattinson, David
51Music. A Kipling Concert – performed byToomer, Claire
51Music. A Kipling Concert – performed byMattinson, Brian
55French. Un Taureau Intelligent traduit par Max RivesHealy, M.J. (Review)
56Fleming, Mrs Alice Macdonald. Trix, Kipling’s Forgotten Sister by Lorna LeeAyers, Roger (Review)
58The Man who would be Kipling by Andrew HagiioannuEditor (Review)
60Twain. Mark Twain & Company by Leland KrauthEditor (Review)
61New Readers’ Guide: An UpdateRadcliffe, John
63BBC TV. STALKY & CO. Information wanted for Westward Ho! Community History ProjectC
63IF (R&Fv). Opinions of Washington’s Slaves. See also 307/07C
63RECESSIONAL (FNv). Recessional and RuskinC
63TRIX Kipling. Information Wanted.C
64STALKY (S&C). Col. Dabney and “Garde To Foie”C
65KIM. The Great Game. Possible source for phraseC1
65WHY SNOW FALLS ON VERNET. Meaning of “Vaporarium” and “Barara”. See 294/39C

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