Kipling Journal: KJ339

Published: Dec 2010

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6Paddle-boat “534”Editorial
9Kipling and the Royal NavyWilson, Alastair
22Floods and landslides in the North of the Indian sub-continentEditorial
23The Kiplings and the ChancellorsEditor
28PLAIN TALES FRPM THE HILLS Death and Rebirth in Plain Tales from the HillsXie, Qing
34Lockwood Kipling Plates at Wimpole Hall (see KJ338, p.41) R1Allen, Charles
35Five Early Military Graves (c.1853-1888) in AbbottabadTarin, Omer & Najmuddin, Sarkees
53THE LIGHT THAT FAILED The Representation of Masculinity in The Light that FailedAyoub, Zainab

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