Kipling Journal: KJ363

Published: Mar 2016

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8The Cadell Hoard, Part IIWilson, Alastair
16Concealed SignpostsAsche, Austin
24Deceit and Kindness in “A Bank Fraud”Coates, John
37Two Versions of “If—” (1) “With the Usual Apologies”Ayers, Roger
38Two Versions of “If—” (2) Maurice Bowra and the “If—” gamePinney, Thomas
39“Below the Mill Dam”: black and brown ratsLingley, Janice
45Historical material in “Brother Square-toes”Weygandt, Ann M
59Book Review: “Kipling and War”, ed. Andrew LycettWilson, Alastair
60Book Review: “Mourning and Mysticism in First World War Literature” by George M. JohnstonMontefiore, Jan
60Book Review: “The Jungle Book”, illustratedMontefiore, Jan
61Book Review: “Rudyard Kipling Stories and Poems” ed. Daniel KarlinMontefiore, Jan
62Book Review: “France at War” and “The War in the Mountains” (Uniform Classics)Booth, Howard J
66“The Mary Gloster” (letter to the Editor)Wilson, Alastair

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