Kipling Journal: KJ024

Published: Dec 1932

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98Critics. Journalistic shells which…fall short of the markNews & Notes
98Serbian. Kipling Indian short stories translated into SerbianNews & Notes
99Dogs. Kipling letter to the ‘Times’ about intelligence in dogsNews & Notes
100Critics. Modern critics who [take] one or two lines out of their context…News & Notes
100ENGLISH SCHOOL (L&ST). Original journal article presented to LibraryNews & Notes
100Kipling Society, The. US member ‘Kipling fan since Harrow days’News & Notes
101DIRGE OF THE DEAD SISTERS (v). Kipling praises Mary KingsleyNews & Notes
102Epitaphs. Kipling letter included ‘all that was needed for an epitaph’News & Notes
103Auctions & sales. Correspondence re. ‘Departmental Ditties’ copyrightNews & Notes
103Prophet. Mrs Mollison’s route worked out by Kipling 18 years agoNews & Notes
104&111Women. Kipling’s women + Discussion + 024/97 (N&N) + C 025/30&31MacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
105ffUnited Services College. Twelve bleak houses…[Back view] Photograph[+News & Notes 024/102]
113Music settings. Kipling poems set to music. Part 1: A – MMackenzie-Skues, F.W.
120India. Early Indian sources. Part 2E.W.M.
120ffSouth Africa. Woolsack: Kipling’s house in Cape Town. Photograph+News & Notes 024/102
121Stalky settles down, by Lt-General Dunsterville. Jarrolds. 7/6Review
122Critics. Ideas in Kipling’s poetry [: ‘University of Toronto Quarterly’][Excerpt]
122Poet. Kipling as poet [: ‘Allahabad University Magazine’, 1931][Excerpt]
122Poetry. Ideas in Kipling’s poetry [: ‘University of Toronto Quarterly’][Excerpt]
124Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1932 (2)
124Nymphs and satires, by Rachel Ferguson. Benn. 7/6[Brief review]
125JANE’S MARRIAGE (D&Cv). Anachronism notedC1
126TREE SONG (POPHv). Two misquotationsC

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