Kipling Journal: KJ236

Published: Dec 1985

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6Simla. Photograph: general view of the central and upper area of the townDickins, Douglas
8Crofts. Death of Mr Crofts [Stalky’s Mr King]Editorial
11Bewdley. Rudyard Kipling’s first English residence [in Worcester,1868]Pinney, Thomas + photo
23Uncle Ruddy remembered: 05. Calico cats/Left luggage + illusHoward, Lorna
27Hardy. Thomas Hardy Society: detailsC
27KIM. Identifications in ‘Kim’C11
30STRANGE RIDE OF MORROWBIE JUKES (WWW). … the quicksandC2 (+ 'the route') +R237/44
33Canada. Kipling and a Canadian guide to BritainC3
34HABITATION ENFORCED (A&R). Based on K’s own experience queryC
36MESOPOTAMIA (YBv). And the campaign of 1914-18 (+ text) R 239/46C + R
36Russia. Cormell Price in RussiaC3
41McANDREW’S HYMN (SSv). Amended technicalitiesC4
42STALKY & CO. Danish version (abridged) for schoolchildrenC9
43Portals graced and ungraced: Kipling’s possible visits and hotel staysC
45Worshipful Co. Stationers & Newspaper Makers. K’s speech on 3 July 1925C
47Safety suits for airmenC
47Wimpole Hall. George Bambridge at WimpoleC2
49Parian ware. Kipling [bust] in Parian + illustrationC
51Stalky: 8. Dunsterville the diarist + photograph (1920) & daughter’s introd.
56Dunsterville, Susan. Painting, Kashmir, 1912; photographDigby, Bertha
58Mirrielees connection. Based on an unpublished biography: 05. In S. AfricaRobinson, Faith [1900]
63JUST SO STORIES. Macmillan Children’s Books series: 4 stories + illusHarris, Gillian R (reviews)

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