Kipling Journal: KJ063

Published: Oct 1942

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1Merchant navy awardsCollins, J.P. (Notes)
1RECESSIONAL (FNv). Unpaid correspondence in ‘The Scotsman’ + 064/02Collins, J. P. (Notes).
3Kipling and the other two [: Kipling’s partiality for the number three]Victorian'
5Bateman’s. Kipling at home. Part 3: Kipling’s farmPonton, Dorothy
7Treasure Island. How Kipling read ‘Treasure Island’['The Scotsman' article]
8Empire. Kipling – poet of empire. Part 1Boyes, Dr. Norman
11Annual conference 1942. Brief summary
12Imperial Service College. Amalgamated with Haileybury + 064/19Tollemache, Rev L. De O.
13Parody. Some more Kipling parodiesMilburn, Col. C.H.
16Freemasonry. R.K.’s masonic allusionsFrost, Albert
20Grammar. Kipling’s grammar [: ‘an interesting correspondence’]['The Scotsman' excerpts]

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