Kipling Journal: KJ243

Published: Sep 1987

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3&53POST THAT FITTED (DDv). Lavender water & Pears’ soap advertisementsEditorial comment
8Whales. Authentic case of a whale swallowing a man? + R 244/35 249/38Editorial + R
11HOW THE WHALE GOT HIS THROAT (JSS). Author illustrationKipling, Rudyard
12PROOFS OF HOLY WRIT. K.’s valedictory statement on art C 244/36Coates, John + C4
22Old Flotilla. Kipling’s ‘Old Flotilla’ + sketch by J.C.Burnie, p21McCrae, A.G.
26From palm to pine: R.K. at home and abroad, by Marghanita LaskiMason, Philip (review)
28Victorian sisters, by Ina Taylor. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1987 + C 244/44Macdonald, Meryl (review)
30World’s Classics series, 1987; 8 titlesCrook, Nora (review)
31Penguin Classics, 1987; 12 titles + 245/38Crook, Nora (review)
35Imperial agent: the sequel to Kipling’s ‘Kim’, by T.N. Murari. NEL, 1987Webb, Charles (review)
39Cherry-Garrard, Apsley. Antarctic reading matterC
42Brecht. Kipling and BrechtC2
42KAA’S HUNTING (JB1). Road song of the Bandar-Log: ‘scumfish’ queryC + R (see next entry)
44Burne-Jones. Letters to Kipling on the birth of a son (+ illus)
47Kipling Society, The. Finances in 1986 (including computer investment)Bittleston, T.S.
50Uncle Ruddy remembered: 10. Kipling and his Aberdeen terriers + photoHoward, Lorna

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