Kipling Journal: KJ388

Published: Dec 2021

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59An 1888 review of Departmental Ditties by W.W.HunterHolberton, Philip
18An Afterword to Choudhuri’s essay on KimTrivedi, Harish
31Border crossings in Kipling’s early Indian narrativesGrover, Madhu
63Review of Kipling in India, India in Kipling, ed. Trivedi and MontefioreBooth, Howard
65Review of Kipling the Trickster, by John CoatesScragg, Andrew
45Study of a collection, in Indian inkVaughan-Spruce, Rufus
7The finest story about India in English (1957)Choudhuri, Nirad C.
22The Uncollected Journalism of Rudyard Kipling – Part 13Pinney, Thomas

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