Kipling Journal: KJ013

Published: Apr 1930

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3Kipling Society, The. Secretary 2. R.T. Gibson Fleming resignedNews & Notes
3Kipling Society, The. Secretary 3. Col. Charles Bailey appointedNews & Notes
3Library. Members invited to special inspection at Hotel RubensNews & Notes
4KIM. Original Mr. Isaacs + 012/06 (News & Notes)Bloch, Miss R.M.
15EXPLANATION (v). Originally ‘Tragedy of love and death’ C 016/124Martindell, Capt. E.W. + C
15Rudyard Kipling, by Marcel Brion. Editions de la Nouvelle Revue Critique.[Short review]
16Poetry at present, by Charles Williams. Clarendon Press, Oxford[Short review]
17Critics. Kipling among the critics. Part 1 + 013/02 (News & Notes)Bazley, Basil M.
21Crypticisms. 3: Some replies and suggestions + C1 015/84
25GIPSY TRAIL (v). Request: ‘where is the poem to be found?’C + R (same page)
28Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1929 (5)
30Verse headings. Part 2. ‘L(ess you want…) – P(it where the buffalo…)Chandler, Capt. L.H.
FPKipling Journal, The. Bound volumes Nos 1-6, 7-12. PhotographNews & Notes + 013/01
FPKiplingiana. Scrapbook illustration. PhotographNews & Notes + 013/01

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