Kipling Journal: KJ105

Published: Apr 1953

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1DEVIL & THE DEEP SEA (DW). Colour of the boats of the AglaiaShort, E. (Notes)+R 107/16
1PUCK OF POOK’S HILL. 30th Legion ‘never came to Britain’Short, Ernest (Notes)
1REWARDS & FAIRIES. 30th Legion ‘never came to Britain’Short, Ernest (Notes)
1Worst slip. Guy Innes suggests that ‘Kipling steps aside’. Final statement [!]Short, Ernest (Notes)
2National anthem. Why has none of 3 superior compositions been… adopted?Short, Ernest (Notes)
2Villiers Street. First music-hall songShort, Ernest (Notes)
3Literary judgement and common sense. Part 1 + Part 2: 106/08 C 116/17Bazley, Basil M. + C
4Rottingdean – the story of a village, by Col. S.M. Moens. John Beal & Son.Blyth, H.E. (review)
8National Book League lecture on Rudyard KiplingTownroe, B.S.
9Youth. Kipling’s youthful characters. Pt 1 + Pt 2: 106/10Brown, Rhoda E.
12South Africa. Kipling’s days at the CapeFuller, Basil
15Bodleian Library. The Bodleian and KiplingC
15Critic as artist. Excerpt: ‘…Kipling is a genius who drops his aspirates…’Wilde, Oscar (1891)
15Trail of an artist-naturalist. Excerpt: Influences in ‘Jungle Tales’ [sic] (1951)Seton, Ernest Thompson
16Favourite poems. Selection of 12C
16Frankau, Gilbert. Disciple of R.K. & quotation from ‘Self-portrait’C

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