Kipling Journal: KJ194

Published: Jun 1975

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2Brattleboro’. In sight of MonadnockEditorial
3Inflation. Kipling and inflationEditorial
4LIGHT THAT FAILED. Retrospect [:London 1889 to 1891] R 196/03Carrington, C.E. + R
9Young Kipling. Another look at the young Kipling [Reply to: 190/05]Feeley, Margaret
12Why was Kipling hated?: discussion meeting (Shamus O.D. Wade)McGivering, J.H. (report)
16MOTHER-LODGE (BRBv). Blake, Conductor-Sergent…query R 196/12C + R
17Buddhism. Rudyard Kipling’s early interest in BuddhismC
17RECANTATION (YBv). Marie Lloyd query R 196/12 197/17C3 + R

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