Kipling Journal: KJ081

Published: Apr 1947

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2Forcing the card: ‘sortes Virgilianæ’ favoured in the 19th centuryCollins, J.P. (Notes)
3Kipling Society, The. 20th anniversary President’s message + 081/01(Notes)Wavell, Field Marshal
4Ephemeral, the passing and the recondite in the works of R.K. Part 1Bonney, Victor +081/02(N)
6Kipling Society, The. Members. Shute School + Photo 084/08Bridie, Miss (Head teacher)
7Bees. Kipling among the bees [: in fact and in his writings] C 083/16McCance, Norman + C
9Kipling Society, The. Wreath of Remembrance inscription, Jan 18, 1947[11th anniversary]
10Readers…who enjoy Kipling’s ‘choice of the right word in the right place’Maitland, W.G.B. (Notes)
12Perfect reporting: the supreme master craftsmanFox, W.C.
13Epitaphs. On a statue to Admiral Arthur Philip & its wartime destruction
13Kipling Society, The. Public readings: a successful experiment at Hove
14NATIVE-BORN (v). Information ‘how it came into being’C
14Too lazy to read; a member’s ‘first meeting with R.K.’s work’C
15Chandler, Rear-Admiral Lloyd H. Society Vice-President. Obituary
17Kipling Society, The. 20th anniversary meeting with 8 original members

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