Kipling Journal: KJ129

Published: Mar 1959

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2Russia. British author publications 1918-1958 & ‘English critical opinion’Editorial
3Vansittart. Kipling in Vansittart’s autobiography ‘The Mist Procession’Editorial
4ISLANDERS (FNv). Extra stanza in ‘City of Prague’ imitation songEditorial
4KIM. Macmillan new edition, with Stewart Tresilian illustrationsEditorial
5LAST RELIEF; story + Editorial 129/02Kipling, Rudyard
9Annual luncheon 1958, with address by T.S. Eliot + Editorial 130/03[Text]
13Early Kipling speech (1898) and a poem (anonymous) in his honourCohen, Morton N.
16UNCOVENANTED MERCIES (L&R). Discuss. meeting (A.E.B.Purefoy)[Report by speaker]
17Police court in literature: the Huckley police court['Justice of the Peace' Exc]
19Lynch-Robinson, Sir Christopher. Ex-Society Secretary. Obituary
20IN THE PRESENCE (DOC). Story origin in ‘Memoirs of a Subadar Major’Harbord, R.E.
21Verse. Rudyard Kipling’s verse; discussion meeting (Mrs Smee)[Report]
23Mowgli. Casual notes on the Mowgli storiesCarrington, C.E.
25Indian argument. Shot fired in Kipling’s defence in ‘The Hindu’ (1958)Secretary's notes